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Common Discussion Items

  • Separated v2 Conformance Methodology Specification
  • v2 Data Type Flavors
  • HL7 v2+
  • FHIR Conformance

Report Issues

Need to report an issue on a conformance specification? Go to JIRA ( and select the "Create" button, and then select the "V2 Specification Feedback",  the specific specification and section. You can also a question by selecting the "General Project Issues".

Conformance migrated in October 2018 from HL7 Wiki to here on Confluence. 

Weekly Meeting Information

Day: Every Tuesday
Time: 10:00am North American Eastern Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

About us

Conformance is responsible for supporting all conformance activities of users of HL7 standards, including:

  • Profiling (e.g. localization) of HL7 standards to suit specific real-world situations
  • Creation of implementation guides
  • Mechanism to specify, interpret, and test conformance

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