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Ways to Join

Go to: or just call 202-871-0098 . No PIN needed.




XConformance Cochair (chair/scribe)
XConformance Cochair

Public Health Cochair
XConformance Cochair


Conformance Cochair

XSequoia Project

InfraSD Cochair

JKM Software


Agenda and Minutes

Agenda Item




General Discussion on data quality. Outcome: setup demo of CDC/AIRA Data Quality and NIST qDAR tool.

Put this on agenda after the WGM. VA would be interested in this. Put this on as running item. Look to do this in October. 

Sept. 2020 WGM planningRob

Need to do slides for Virtual Plenary Meeting, Sept 15th due date. Not sure of the value. Maybe Frank will approach Mary Ann and see what they are expecting. Not an urgent item for Conformance.

Next week will be admin session

Nathan Bunker Will create a landing page for Conformance

Meetings we need for Conformance

  • Admin - Project Review / Review 3yr Plan / etc - Cover before on regular meeting
    • Nathan Bunker Will be holding this meeting the week before HL7 WGM, Nathan will work on items for this. 
  • FHIR Usage Indicators - Joint Meeting FHIR-I Ioana? Ioana SingureanuWill reach out to cochairs and get a time set Nathan Bunker Will reach out to Ioana as he creates the final agenda for WGM to confirm
    • Monday 4-6
      Tuesday 4-6
      Wednesday 6-8
      Thursday 4-6

  • FHIR Profiling and Conformance Testing - Lead a discussion on profiling in FHIR with FHIR tooling experts.  
    • Discussion on "How to represent optional/mandatory data elements, add conformance usage indicator"?
      • Go through slides of our proposal, Robert SnelickWill work on slides
      • Constrainable profile is a concept that is not defined
      • Implementation Guide Registry Looking at the base standards, large variations between them
      • Provide more details on how it should be evaluated in conformance tooling
  • HL7 Conformance Methodology: All things HL7 v2. Data Type Flavors. Conformance methodology, updates on v2+ and tooling - Joint with InM? Rob is going to reach out to InM and will outline the basic session. This should session should inform and lead to a recorded session in the future. Panel format has worked well. Better presented as modules in a series. Propagate this into the Education world. Will inform InM, but don't need to make it formally joint. 
    • Open session with updates
  • Interoperability Training: Nathan will work on content.
    • Frank is putting together course for 
  • Joint meeting with Vocab? TBD Usually Vocab hosts and we join. Let them decide on that. Will watch to see what Vocab is going to schedule and join those calls as appropriate. 
    • HL7 396 Discussion, Rob will follow up with Vocab
    • We've reached out, but still haven't heard from Vocab about the time to connect. 
    • Confirmed by Ted that we are meeting on Friday. Need to attend and listen/respond. 
  • Conformance within Immunization Space? Immunization topic under public health. Roundtable education. Craig will bring it up on Thursday. 
    • Craig is organizing through Public Health, but getting the right time has been difficult, not sure if this is going to happen or not

No update

Nathan will monitor this location for new PSS: Decisions

Health StatusFrank

NO Update

We only responded to 3 out of 7 PSS. But what did we miss? 

Need to go back to Ann to ask about what we missed. Get an idea of what we did and what we missed. 


NIST (Rob) can now use zoom, so we need to revisit this.

Interoperability TrainingNathanDeveloping Interoperability Training. Would like to ask group to review conformance sections and give feedback. 

Items for Future Discussion

Agenda Item



Agenda Item





GitHub repo request

  • conformance-artifacts
    • Definition: All artifacts related to conformance for all product lines. With a focus both on universal conformance concepts and conformance concepts focused on specific product lines. Would include conformance methodology, guidance, extensions, etc. 
    • Nathan Bunker Send this to Josh and ask for "conformance-artifacts"
Project Status UpdateNathan

Will discuss July 21

Projects Conformance is Sponsoring

Conformance Usage IndicatorIoana

Discuss July 14?

Reviewed version of Ioana's document that Rob sent with his comments. Some changes are being recommended:

  • Break the table out into two tables: One for Submitter requirements and the other for the Receiver requirements. 
  • Move the Multiplicity column out to it's own table. 
  • Create two new columns in the new table and break the requirements out into Implementation and Operational. Modeled after v2 work. 
  • Question about name of document "Extension" or "Extensions". We are only defining one extension at this point. 
  • Question about defining usage of resources, how would this be done? 
  • This is for interoperability implementation guides, some FHIR guides might just be informational or defining code sets. 

Discuss more next Tuesday. 

V2 Conformance WebsiteRob

Discuss later in August

On hold on this project for the summer break. Will pick it up again in August. 

Next week need to review initial content. Put up Message Conformance methodology. Start planning the hierarchy and architecture of it before we start putting everything up. Rob will demo next week. Will take small baby steps towards the vision of having an overarching methodology. Take a look and we can discuss next week. 

Data Type FlavorsRobTargeting a January ballot. NIST tooling now is supporting data type flavors, and Rob is working on this more. Rob will circle back and involve Craig for an initial review and then will be shared with Conformance. 
Message Structures questionRobFor example a message structure ORU^R01, but they need an additional segment for a new guide. Rename the structure id? Or go back and get a new structure id? How do we handle that? The profile id indicates the definitive structure. A way to think about this: the profile id really is the overriding indication of the message structure. This guidance can go into the conformance methodology section. 

Discussion for next time: Table 396 Need to come to a resolution as a group. 

Nathan Bunker Will look and notes and bring this back for the agenda. 

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