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Go to: or just call 202-871-0098 . No PIN needed.




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XConformance Cochair
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XConformance Cochair

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InfraSD Cochair

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Agenda and Minutes

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GitHub repository for Conformance

Planning Virtual WGM

  • Need to make a meeting between FHIR & Conformance. Need to find a time that Grahame and Ionana can both make. Ioana SingureanuCan you coordinate a meeting the week of May 18? This will replace Wednesday Q3 that we normally have with FHIR. Potential overlapping times with Australia & ET & Germany:
    • 6am, 7am, 4pm, 5pm ET

Health Status (PBX metrix):

  • we do have outdated/longer lasting projects, so that this topic is on yellow
  • Nathan Bunker Will take a look at the projects and be ready to discuss them and update on the next call

InfraSD: Vocabulary PSS for a Standardized Terminology Knowledgebase

  • voting?
  • Group voted last week to approve, Nathan just recorded it this morning COMPLETE

Workgroup name change: Health Care Devices (HCD) => Devices (DEV)

  • Conformance Opinion on that: No problems seen in Conformance
  • Motion: Support name change: Frank/Rob 3-0-0
FHIR Proposal for supportTypeIoana

Sean and Ioana met last week and divided up the work. 

Name: Conformance Usage Indicator

Mandatory would not only not allow empty or extensions, but would also not allow a null-equivalent concept. 

Testing mandatory is very challenging, experience with CDA shows this. The challenge is that can data-absent-reason be used to circumvent conformance requirements in any field. 

Also an issue with mappings where implementer can indicate that code is unmappable to avoid having to map a code. So technically meeting terminology requirements of the guide for but not supporting what was intended. Where this guidance comes in is to provide support for better defining these guides so that this ambiguity is removed and tests can be accurate. 

Next Steps?

  • Ioana is circulating the draft people who are in the trenches with this issue, then to a wider audience who is less familiar with conformance challenges
  • Ioana will send out document for review, everyone should send comments back. 

Tracker items:

Todo item from weeks previous: Ioana is going to draft a new table for FHIR and send to Rob to review. Reviewed at last meeting. 

Ioana Singureanu Rob is asking for a copy of the latest document so he can review and create comments. This can be sent to the group for comments and additional discussion next week. 

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