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What it is: Please signup for a CodeX listserv for email updates on activities and opportunities! We currently have the following listservs:

  1. CodeX General List
  2. CodeX / mCODE Community of Practice
  3. CodeX Trial Matching

How to sign up: Navigate to our Home Page and click the button "Join a CodeX Listserv" in the top right, you will fill our your name, email, and what listservs you'd like to be part of. You can opt out of a listserv anytime by navigating to our Home Page again and clicking the "Leave a CodeX Listserv" button and following a similar process.


What it is: We have a CodeX Zulip stream on! Zulip is an easy-to-use chat system, where a large fraction of the FHIR community shares information, questions and answers. You may direct questions or comments to the CodeX team, CodeX community and FHIR community through Zulip. 

How to engage: Click the links below to join the Zulip conversations of your choice:

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