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CodeX January 2022- December 2022

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Clinical Trials Matching Pilot Planning

Registry Reporting Draft IG and Connectathon Prep (MedMorph)

Clinical Trials Matching Connectathon

RTTD FHIR IG Process - Sept. 2022 Ballot

RTTD Preparation for Pilot

Cancer Registry Reporting Phase 0 Proof of Concept with Basic Demographics + Condition/Diagnosis

EHR Endpoints for Clinical Trials in Oncology Data Collection

EHR Endpoints for Clinical Trials in Oncology Adverse Events Test Data Collection

Prior Auth in Oncology Rad Onc Pilot Planning (Using Da Vinci CRD+DTR)

Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) (Use Case Definition-Discovery)

REMS Pilot Planning

RTTD Begin Pilot Testing

Clinical Trial Pilot Planning

Registry Reporting Phase 1

Ballot Voting Open

CardX - Hypertension Management Discovery

GenomeX - Genomics Operations Discovery

GenomeX - Genomics Data Exchange Discovery

Prepare RTTD IG for Publication

Clinical Trial Matching Pilot

GenomeX Operations Planning

GenomeX Operations Execution

GenomeX Data Exchange Planning

GenomeX Data Exchange Execution

GenomeX Data Exchange Phase 1 Pilot

Pilot Phase 1

Publish RT IG

Finalize new RTTD Scope of Work

Continue RTTD Pilot Activities & Begin Phase 1 for new scope of work

Kick-off Quality Measures use case

Quality Measures Phase 0 Proof of Concept

Quality Measures Phase 1 Proof of Concept

CardX - Hypertension Management Planning

CardX - Hypertension Management Execution Phase 1

CardX - Hypertension Management Execution Phase 2

REMS Pilot Phase 1

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