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CodeX (Common Oncology Data Elements eXtensions) is a Member-driven HL7 FHIR Accelerator, building a community to accelerate interoperable data modeling and applications leading to step-change improvements in cancer patient care and research.

CodeX Members are achieving interoperability by integrating the mCODE (minimal Common Oncology Data Elements) FHIR Implementation Guide -- a standard language for cancer data -- into existing and new applications. As a part of this effort, CodeX will also develop extensions to mCODE as needed for Use-Cases-based projects to be successful.

For background, see the more detailed overview. To stay up to date on all CodeX news, subscribe to the general mailing Listserv to your right.

Use Cases

CodeX Use Cases projects are Executing, or in the Planning or Discovery phases, with Members driving progress. All projects hold promise to substantially improve cancer care and research through community alignment around the use of mCODE and necessary extensions for the sharing of standardized, structured cancer data. 

Community of Practice

CodeX has a monthly mCODE Community of Practice meeting, typically on the last Friday of each month at 12pm ET. During these meetings, the Community gathers to discuss, share, and learn about recent achievements to the mCODE standard and applications in the real world being developed through CodeX.

Previous meeting content - can be found on the Meeting Minutes page. 

Please register to join our upcoming meeting by (1) selecting "Register Here" (2) including your information for registration and (3) choosing the “Add to calendar” drop-down link to add the meeting information and Zoom invitation. 


A warm welcome to CodeX’s Founding Members! The opportunity to be a Founder is available through the end of 2020.

Member have the privilege of serving on Use Case Project leadership teams, making the decisions that enable Smarter Data in the Fight Against Cancer. Contact Steve Bratt or Anthony DiDonato to discuss Membership options.

mCODE/CodeX in the News 

Site Content

Recent Blog Posts

Welcome to the CodeX September newsletter! CodeX (Common Oncology Data Elements eXtensions) is a HL7 FHIR Accelerator, launched at the end of 2019, that is building a community to enable interoperable cancer data modeling and applications. Check out some of our exciting updates below. Join Us in Welcoming our Newest CodeX Members https://confluence.hl7.…
The CodeX Oncology Clinical Pathways: Prior Authorization project team will be presenting at the Da Vinci Prior Authorization Support weekly conference call on Friday, August 28th at 3pm EDT. If you would like to join the call, please follow this link Led by Dr. Jim O’Connor and Carmela Couderc, the CodeX Prior Authorization team will discuss how to leverage oncology clinical pathways and mCODE data elements supporting prior authorization.…
Dear CodeX Community Since our last update on mCODE and CodeX, the world has changed dramatically.  I hope you and yours are safe.  If you are on reading this, you also understand the impact that cancer has on those close to and far from you and yours. You understand the potential for a common language for cancer data to improve cancer care, research and policy, and to reduce burden and cost.…

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