Recently Published: CodeX Radiation Therapy Implementation Guide (STU 1)

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This publication marks the completion of a multi-year project conducted by the CodeX Radiation Therapy use case team to develop an implementation guide that describes how to represent, model, and exchange radiation therapy (RT) information that is generated during a patient’s RT planning and treatment. 


CodeX is a Member-driven HL7 FHIR Accelerator hosting a growing community working together to enable FHIR-based interoperability that drives substantial improvements around the most important challenges and opportunities in patient health.

In the Oncology space, CodeX Members are achieving interoperability by integrating and testing the mCODE (minimal Common Oncology Data Elements) FHIR Implementation Guide -- an open standard language for cancer data -- within Use Cases that test new workflows supporting better cancer care and research.

CodeX is leveraging the CodeX/mCODE experience, building vibrant communities and solving real-world challenges in two new domains:  Cardiovascular and Genomics.

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CodeX Vision & Data Strategy

All Use Cases align with the vision of collecting patient data once, and re-using it to enable a range of critical workflows:


CodeX Work & Impact Strategy: Community => Use Cases => FHIR IGs + Implementations => Pilots => Impact!

CodeX is driven by its Community, and the community's prioritization of the most important challenges and potential solutions to collaborate on together. CodeX Use Cases - including collection and sharing of patient data for Real-World-Data clinical trials, matching patients with trials, radiation therapy, prior authorization, and registry reporting - demonstrate the potential to improve care and research.  This demonstration is achieved through high-quality FHIR standards (free and open for all to use), implementations in software (commercial or open source products) and tested in new workflows, all piloted in-the-field by the stakeholders expected to benefit in the future. 

Community of Practice

CodeX hosts a monthly Community of Practice  (CoP) meeting, typically on the last Friday of each month at 12pm ET. These meetings are free and open to all who are interested. The Community discusses recent achievements around leveraging the mCODE standard and associated work to improve health care and research in the real world.

Please register to join our upcoming meeting by (1) selecting "Register Here" (2) including your information for registration and (3) choosing the “Add to calendar” drop-down link to add the meeting information and Zoom invitation. 

Valuable content from previous CoP meetings can be found on the Meeting Minutes page. Please joins us!



CodeX Members  include patient organizations, specialty societies, health systems, researchers, system vendors and many others are already powering our work. The value proposition for becoming a Member of CodeX is clear.  CodeX Members ...

  • Collaborate and network in a safe environment
  • Drive the future, through leadership on strategy, requirements definition, design, planning, building and piloting
  • Gain early access to implementation of FHIR-based solutions, before those not involved in CodeX
  • Agilely and quickly implement and pilot, thanks to active Member collaboration within the high-productivity framework provided by CodeX Program Management and Technical Support
  • Are ambassadors in the global health data standards community

Paying, Sponsored and Government Members have the privilege of serving on CodeX Operating Committee and Use Case Project leadership teams, where they make decisions that drive standards-based solutions and piloting of those solutions. 

Contact Su Chen or Michele Galioto to discuss Membership Value Proposition and Options that will enable you and your organization to drive real impact.

CodeX in the News  

Program Management

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/su-sutin-chen/
Position: Program Manager & Clinical Director, CodeX
Department: MITRE
Location: Bedford, MA

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabeth-%E2%80%9Cliz%E2%80%9D-canzone-ph-d-9b98392b/
Position: Deputy Program Manager
Department: MITRE: Health Innovation Center
Location: McLean, VA

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthonydidonato7/
Position: CodeX Community of Practice Lead
Department: MITRE
Location: Boston, MA

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