Date: March 28th, 2023

Time: 4pm ET

Attendees (8)



EvernorthDennis Blair

Rick Emery
ASTROCharlotte Raley

Becky Metzger

Sharon Labbate

Jessica Pugh

Gail Winters
MITREAnthony DiDonato
CentanniParkDoug Williams

Action items

Planned Agenda Topics

  1. Review the completed measure test case examples & how they have been incorporated in the CodeX QM test environment
    1. Once completed, consider holding a CodeX QM Public Call and/or presenting at upcoming CodeX CoP – share demo with public CodeX community
  2. Project planning items
    • Finalizing the Use Case Development Guidelines (here)
    • Reviewing the Measures Status Confluence page
    • Reviewing/strategizing around our Outreach Confluence page
  3. American Medical Association (AMA) recently joined CodeX at the Benefactor Member level
    1. Question: should the QM team consider connecting with AMA and asking if they, or members of their team, are interested in supporting our use case work? 
  4. QM Full Member Meeting - 4/5 at 3:30pm ET for folks who were unable to join today/this week's calls
    1. Anthony will send out a calendar invite shortly


  1. Upcoming Meetings

    DateTimeQuality Measures Call TypePlanned Agenda
    March 284:00 PM ETQuality Measures TerminologyFocus on Project Planning guidelines (today)
    March 293:30 PM ETQuality Measures Full MemberFocus on Project Planning guidelines (if couldn't make 3/28)
    April 53:30 PM ETQuality Measures Full MemberFocus on Project Planning guidelines (final review)
    April 114:00 PM ETQuality Measures TerminologyReview measures  and questions- detailed feedback
    April 254:00 PM ETQuality Measures TerminologyDemonstration with prototype tooling
  2. Use Case Guidelines
    1. Finalizing the Use Case Development Guidelines (here)
      1. Concept, Team, Plan, Aligning & Decision Making  
    2. Reviewed the Measures Status Confluence page
      1. Becky Metzger supplied URL's for Quality Measure reference articles:
      2. Per Becky Metzger "we are demonstrating use of FHIR profiles to build Quality Measures"
        1. Will reduce burden (via FHIR automation) for senders and receivers (providers/payers) to extract and measures
        2. Separate scope (project) for profile-based authoring with CQI, to reduce burden for Quality Measure authoring
      3. Communication - preference for email
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