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November 6th, 2020 


12:30pm - 1:15pm 


MITRE → Caroline Potteiger Salim Semy Lauren Levine Steve BrattRob Dingwell

UTSW → Brandi Cantarel Shaalan Beg 

ACS CAN → Devon Adams 

Cancer Insights → Sharon Hensley Alford Tarun Kumar → Elly Cohen 

Action items

  •  Steve Bratt- introduce Amy Lin to Elly 
  • Elly Cohen - introduce Mike Hogarth to the team 
  • Caroline Potteiger / Salim - coordinate with David Stein to start statistical analysis of Phase 1. Coordinate with ACS CAN intern. 
  • Caroline Potteiger - look into how mCODE handles missing data. 

Discussion notes in blueDecisions in greenAction items in red.

Planned Agenda Topics

  • <Hold for hot topics from project team>
  • Past Action Items 10/30
  • Engagement Update
    • TrialJectory - meeting scheduled for 11/12. 
    • Ciitizen - met with them on 11/5
      • 1) Test how well the optimized patient data elements filter clinical trials. Run a match with only optimized patient data elements and compare with comprehensive patient record match. 
      • 2) mCODE-enable the matching service and cancer card. 
      • They are focused on breast cancer. Couple hundred patients on their platform.
    • TriNetX - no updates. 
    • Inspirata - continuing discussions. 
      • Could work with UCSF dataset. Inspirata has an NLP engine that could work with unstructured data. 
    • Cleveland Clinic - expressed interest in mCODE/CodeX 
    • UC San Diego - Mike Hogarth 
      • Used to be at UC Davis, very knowledgable on standards 
      • Elly to make an introduction 
  • Phase 1 Update
    • Working on IRB approvals for UTSW (Phase 1B) and MITRE/Cancer Insights (Phase 1A)
      • Phase 1A -
        • MITRE IRB has been re-submitted and DUA has been approved. 
      • Phase 1B - 
        • Melanie is working on the submissions. 
    • Massive Bio - in progress. 
    • UCSF - updates on the consultation process?
      • No updates. Elly will check in. 
      • CodeX also has meetings with Larry Fong and Amy Lin. 
        • Steve to introduce Amy to Elly 
      • Other use cases might also benefit from the dataset. 
  • Phase 1 Analysis 
    • ACS CAN intern - 
      • Intern was hired 
    • Plan for analysis?
      • Potential elements to add measurable disease (bone metastasis is not eligible), line of therapy 
      • Potential elements to remove - elements that may not be readily available (histology, biomarkers) 
      • If something is not present, how do we know it's because it's absent or it just wasn't recorded?
        • Caroline to look into this. 

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