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October 30th, 2020 


2:30pm - 3:15pm 


Action items

  •  Caroline Potteiger- send Sharon more information on the Inspirata panel. 
  • Caroline Potteiger - work on scheduling a call to discuss site commitment - 2 weeks out. Send slide on sites. 

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Planned Agenda Topics

  • <Hold for hot topics from project team>
  • Past Action Items 10/23
    • Target patients for Phase 1A - 8 metastatic breast cancer patients and 2 breast cancer patients in early survivorship 
    • Elly has contacts to recruit these patients. 
  • Engagement Update
    • TrialJectory - working with Tzvia to set up a kickoff and discuss CodeX membership . 
    • Ciitizen - agreed to partner. Meeting with them on 11/5
      • 1) Test how well the optimized patient data elements filter clinical trials. Run a match with only optimized patient data elements and compare with comprehensive patient record match. 
      • 2) mCODE-enable the matching service and cancer card. 
    • TriNetX - no updates 
    • Inspirata - meeting with them again. 
  • Inspirata Virtual Fireside Chat: Automating Cancer Trial Matching - interest in participating on panel? 
    • Open and free of charge to the public 
    • November 10th at 11:00am ET 
    • They ran a survey on trial matching in August and got responses from 40 hospitals. They plan to use the insights from the survey to guide discussion. Can review the results of the survey by taking the survey - 
    • Current panelists - Courtney Hudson from Carebox, Cynthia Griffo from Abramson Cancer Center at University of Pennsylvania, George Cernile at Inspirata 
    • Send information Sharon. 
  • Phase 1 Update
    • Working on IRB approvals for UTSW (Phase 1B) and MITRE/Cancer Insights (Phase 1A)
      • Phase 1A -
        • Met with MITRE IRB on October 21st. Incorporating changes. 
        • DUA in review. 
      • Phase 1B - 
        • Has the IRB package been submitted? 
        • In progress.  
    • Massive Bio - met with Selin on 10/28. 
    • UCSF - updates on the consultation process?
      • Should be a 2 week process. 
  • Stand Up 2 Cancer Grant - full application due January 1st. Need a formalized agreement with site partners. 
    • Need formal commitments for Phase 2. UTSW is an option - Grady and Wash U are other options. 
  • Demonstration of Phase 1A - Tarun 
    • Tarun gave the demo. 
    • Understanding filtering criteria of optimized patient data elements and usability of app. 
    • Sharon will be reviewing patient data and is the "ground truth" for clinical trial matches. 
    • Thanks technical team for all your work and for giving the demo! 
  • Data elements that can be accessed via Epic's FHIR services - Rob
    • Items that can be accessed via EPICs FHIR services without the need for any additional software to access the data.  However, there will be a need to filter the data that comes back appropriately to get the desired elements in some cases.
    • Data that we know where it lives and have a plan to develop components to allow us to extract that data but have not yet done so.  This is primarily related to staging information but please note that there is a bit of overlap here with TumorMarkers. 
    • Data that I do not believe exists in a standardized means in EPIC. 

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