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Date: September 25th, 2020 

Time: 12pm ET

non-MITRE Attendees

Cassandra O'ConnellAlliance 
Keri ReardonAlliance 
Steven PiantadosiAlliance 
Monica BertagnolliAlliance 
Angela KennedyASCO
Randi KudnerASTRO
Tarun KumarCancer Insights
Anil NairCancerLinQ
Wendy BlumenthalCDC
Susan StilesCerner
Brian GardnerCerner
Robinette RennerCIBMTR
Lorraine DooCMS
John MethotDana-Farber Cancer Institute
Donna RiveraFDA
Laura EldonFlatiron
Kunal JoshiFoundation Medicine
Amanda KunzFoundation Medicine
Donella BatemanFoundation Medicine
Peter YuHartford HealthCare
Ariel CarmeliHarvard
Tiffany TuedorHarvard
Kerry RoweIntermountain Healthcare
Roger MuellerMayo Clinic
Donna PowellNCCN
Amanda VisnickNCCN
Evelyn HandelNCCN
Wendy Ver HoefNCI CBIIT/Samvit Solutions
Nikola CihoricniAnalytics
Kim BallPOCP
Trevor PughPrincess Margaret Cancer Centre
Gregory SimonSimonovation, LLC
Dinesh KotakTPMG
Melanie HullingsUTSW
Shilpa mahatmaVizlitics 
Sharon Hensley AlfordVizlitics 
Unknown User

Action items

Planned Agenda Topics

ICAREdata Project Updates by Keri Reardon and Steven Piantadosi, Alliance.

Health economics of mCODE™ and CodeX™ by Rob Lieberthal. 

Meeting Minutes

Anthony DiDonato, mCODE CodeX Community Lead, kicked off the meeting with an overview of the CoP, mCODE, CodeX and with announcements.

Steve Bratt, the HL7 FHIR CodeX Project Lead, welcomed attendees and provided an update on CodeX. The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, the CDC, and niAnalytics are now CodeX members. 

ICAREdata Project Updates - Keri Reardon and Steven Piantadosi, Alliance: 

  • ICAREdata = Integrating Clinical trials And Real-world Endpoints data 
  • The ICAREdata project includes many partners such as MITRE, Alliance, NCI, FDA, and ASCO.  
  • The goal is to contribute to a learning health system. 
  • Only 3% of patients enroll in clinical trials. Additionally, the data submitted to clinical trials is submitted through Case Report Forms (CRFs). CRF's only contain a small portion of the patient's data. However, if data for clinical trials came straight from the EHR, more data could be included in research. 
  • Key focuses for the study: 
    • Low burden on data collection
    • Patient outcome data
      • Typically, outcome data is found in a physician's note and is unstructured. However, this data is important for clinical trials.
    • Standardization
    • Foundational 
  • The current phase of the the study includes 3 clinical trials. In this phase, data for the trials are recorded in two different methods and the results will be compared. 
    1. mCODE data found in the EHR 
      1. Currently focusing on CancerDiseaseStatus and TreatmentPlanChange. 
    2. Traditional method - CRFs.   
  • The current trials are for brain metastasis, metastatic colorectal cancer, and metastatic prostate cancer. 
  • The team is currently looking for additional clinical trials and clinical sites to partner with. 
    • To partner, it is not a huge IT lift. 

Health economics of mCODE™ and CodeX™  - Rob Lieberthal, MITRE: 

  • Economics can impact patient outcomes. For examples, patient can choose not to take medication, not go to the doctor, and it can be bad for mental health. 
  • Through mCODE, outcomes can improve and cost can be reduced, leading to higher value in cancer care. 
  • There are many different treatment combinations and pathways for cancer. NCCN guidelines cut down on the pathways, but there are still many. By having mCODE-enabled patient records, research on the effectiveness of these treatments will be able to be done more effectively. 
  • One CodeX use case is focused on prior authorization. 
    • Prior authorization pathways can be automated through mCODE, which will allow for rich, high-quality data to be easily sent. 
    • Insurance companies will be able to receive mCODE data elements faster and approve/deny treatment, which will increase speed of care and cut cost. 
  • By having comparative, mCODE records for cancer patients, more research can be conducted, leading to a higher survival rate.  


Q: Can you show how Epic was configured to collect the outcome data? 

A: If you're at an Epic installation and want to learn more, reach out to Keri Reardon and Dr. Piantadosi. Additionally, you can reach out to Epic Beacon contact. There is an mCODE team at Epic who can help. Additionally, the presentation for next month's CoP will be on the Epic installation. 

MITRE Attendees 

Mark KramerMITRE
Anthony DiDonatoMITRE
Nicole NgMITRE
Miranda ChanMITRE
May TerryMITRE
Caroline PotteigerMITRE
Rob LieberthalMITRE
Michelle CasagniMITRE
James O'ConnorMITRE
Greg ShemancikMITRE
George NeyarapallyMITRE
Robert DingwellMITRE
Andre QuinaMITRE
Sharon SebastianMITRE
Zeshan RajputMITRE
Salim SemyMITRE
Beverly WoodMITRE
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