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September 25th, 2020 


2:30pm - 3:15pm 


MITRE - Caroline Potteiger Salim Semy Steve BrattZach ListerRob Dingwell

ACS CAN - Mark Fleury

Cancer Insights - Sharon Hensley Alford 

UTSW - Brandi Cantarel 

Action items

  •  Caroline Potteigersend new meeting series for the weekly sync. 
  • Caroline Potteiger include Mark in next meeting with Ciitizen and send the notes. 
  • Caroline Potteiger send Mark some dates on our end that work for a meeting with Lungevity. 
  • Brandi Cantarel  - look into statistics section in UTSW IRB. 
  • Steve Bratt /Salim - bring up presenting at the ASCO Annual Meeting with Andre.

Discussion notes in blueDecisions in greenAction items in red.

Planned Agenda Topics

  • <Hold for hot topics from project team>
    • Meeting series ends next week. Any changes to time? 
      • Keep this time for now, ask if anyone would like to change the time. 
  • Past Action Items 09/18
    • None
  • Engagement Update
    • Trial Matching - Documents
    • Ciitizen - eager and willing to partner. Anil asked us to think of a few options for a partnership and then continue the discussion. 
      • mCODE enable their platform - map their data model (cancer card) to mCODE. 
        • Pull out optimized patient data from their structured form and see how it goes. They could match with their own platform and take out eligibility criteria to see how well it works. 
      • mCODE enable their matching service - map their trial matching terms to mCODE terms. 
      • Appealing to have them as a partner. Include Mark in the next meeting. 
    • Lungevity - interested in having the conversation, shoot Mark some dates 10 days out. 
    • Epic - discuss internally what a partnership could look like and get back to them. Additionally, send over some examples of patient data. 
      • The goal would be to determine how effectively the data elements from the optimized set can be pulled. 
      • Epic thinks they could reasonably extract the optimized patient data elements through the staging workflow. However, the data quality is unknown. 
      • Zeshan has the templated patient records that are in the Epic sandbox. 
    • Massive Bio - sent over de-identified patient records, unable to look at them until we have confirmation from legal. 
  • Phase 1 Update
    • Working on IRB approvals for UTSW (Phase 1B) and MITRE/Cancer Insights (Phase 1A)
      • Phase 1A - targeting submission for next week.
        • Sharon, Tarun, Salim meeting later today to discuss. 
      • Phase 1B - waiting for a sign off and will submit soon. 
        • Brandi to look at statistics section of IRB.
    • Elly is working on accessing UCSF de-identified database. 
    • Annotating more trials for TrialScope. 
    • Implementation guide nearing completion.  
  • Upcoming Conferences 
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