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August 21st, 2020


12:30pm - 1:15pm


ACS CAN → Devon Adams, Mark Fleury , Kelly Durden
MITRE → Caroline PotteigerRob DingwellZach Lister, Michelle Casagni, Steve Bratt , Salim Semy → Elly Cohen

Cancer Insights → Shilpa Mahatma, Tarun Kumar, Sharon Alford


Action items

  •  Caroline Potteiger→ send FindTime to reschedule next weeks meeting. 
  •  Salim Semy → send IRB submission to Elly.  
  • Caroline Potteiger → add Mark to next meeting with UTSW. 
  • Caroline Potteiger → add Mark, Kelly, Elly, and Zach to CodeX Private Space. 

Discussion notes in blueDecisions in greenAction items in red.

Planned Agenda Topics

  • <Hold for hot topics from project team>
    • ACS CAN grant application is about diversity of clinical trial enrollment. See if UTSW is interested. 
  • CoP meeting next week, need to reschedule this meeting. 
  • Engagement Update
    • UCSF → Elly met with Adam and Leslie on Monday. UCSF has a database of de-identified patient records, that we may be able to use. 
      • UCSF has two databases - one that is de-identified and one that has clinical notes.
      • CTSI is a consulting service that can tell us reporting requirements and procedural requirements.  
      • Questions should go to CTSI. UCSF has to request access for CTSI. 
    • UTSW → meeting with UTSW on Friday. 
      • Working through IRB protocol submission.
      • How to do manual matching is a question. Elly can talk to her team about the process for matching manually.
        • ACS CAN has an intern starting that may be able to do some of this work. 
        • Could also use multiple matching services to see what trials show up in all matching services. 
        • Most false negative/positives will be with treatments. There are a lot of details with treatments (line of therapy, combinations, etc.).
        • Some eligibility criteria aren't in - may also impact what we see as "true" matches. 
      • May be helpful to start with one patient and see the whole process before we add all 20. 
    • NCI → meeting held on Monday. We are scheduling another meeting to find out how well NCI Thesaurus maps to mCODE. 
    • Grady → hold off 
    • Other updates?
  • Public Call 
    • Proposed agenda: 
      • Introduction to CodeX - Steve, 5 minutes 
      • Introduction to project - Mark, 10 minutes
      • Demonstration - Zach, 5 minute video + 5 minute questions
      • Details on Phase 1 - Salim and Tarun, 10 minutes
      • Call to Action - Elly, 5 minutes 
      • Discussion/QA - 20 minutes 
    • Good for an agenda. 
    • Will be sending an email out to people we've interacted with next week.
  • Confluence
  • Ways to recruit patients for Phase 1A? 

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