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July 17th, 2020 


12:30pm - 1:15pm ET


Action items

  •  Steve Brattsend membership paperwork to ACS CAN. 
  • Caroline Potteiger make sure all contact information on this team is shared.
  • Caroline Potteiger send information about the Epic Special Update and UCSF engagement.
  • Elly Cohen - reach out to Adam and ask for his list of questions.
  • Caroline Potteiger send slides from CoP with some edits for the CT Barriers meeting.

Discussion notes in blue. Decisions in green. Action items in red.

Planned Agenda Topics

  1. <Hold for hot topics from project team>
    1. ACS CAN received the check to become CodeX members - yay! 
    2. Steve Brattforward membership paperwork to ACS CAN. 
    3. ACS is submitting a multi-pronged research application for a Stand Up 2 Cancer grant on cancer health disparities. 
    1. As part of the research application, Mark is proposing an analysis around the blue button initiative. This will help secure money to get hospitals involved and help with analytic work.
    2. One potential selling point is that we're already doing this work, it's not just an idea. 
    3. The Letter of Intent is due in September. Once the LOI is submitted, a full proposal will be submitted, if SU2C likes the idea. 
  2. Welcome Sharon! 
    1. Caroline Potteiger → make sure all contact information is shared. 
  3. Engagement Update
    1. Epic expressed interest in learning more about this project.
    2. TrialJectory – Caroline reached out again, no response yet.
      1. Mark offered to reach out.  
    3. Elly will remind Adam to send the list of questions he has. 
      1. Caroline Potteiger → send information about Epic Special Update and UCSF engagement over to Elly. 
      2. UCSF has taken the Epic Special Update. 
    4. The Grady Health System in Atlanta may be a partner in the grant proposal ACS is submitting. They might be interested in the project. 
  4. Phase 0 update
    1. Caroline will set up a Zoom registration invite soon.
      1. Public call scheduled for September 16th at 1:00pm ET.
    2. Meeting with Mike scheduled for Friday afternoon. 
      1. One trial is not recruiting anymore.
  5. Phase 1 update
    1. Planning in progress. 
    2. Tarun and Caroline will be brainstorming buckets of tasks to organize project planning. 
    3. Salim and Sharon are putting together a study protocol and IRB submission for Phase 1a.
    4. MITRE and Cancer Insights technical team are developing an architecture to deploy the proof of concept implementation to a secure cloud environment and defining interface with Cancer Insights platform.
    5. Also working on creating a collaborative space for the whole team to work on. 
  6. CT Barriers Group presentation next week
    1. Plan out presentation – 20 minutes. 
    2. Similar format as CoP? 
    3. What to include – brief background on project, brief background on mCODE/CodeX, demo, call to action?
      1. The UI hasn't changed much since the CoP - can probably use the same video. 
    4. Add discussion at the end. 
    5. Who's speaking: 
      1. Mark - background on project
      2. Steve/Salim - background on mCODE/CodeX
      3. Zach - demo 
      4. Elly - wrap up, call to action 
    6. Caroline Potteiger → send slides from CoP with some edits.
    7. Will use next weeks team meeting to practice. 
    8. Mark/Kelly → send a Teams invite for next week so we can practice the video on Teams. 
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