Chair: Stan Huff

Scribe: Stan Huff







Susan MatneyIntermountain

Reed Gelzer

Nathan DavisIntermountain

Paul Seville

Kurt AllenEir Solutions

Stan HuffIntermountain

Proposed joint meetings

  • O&O - Vitals, Quantitative Lab - Stan
  • M&M - CIMI mission and future - Stan
  • CDS, CQI - QUIK on hold, QI Core FHIR Profiles, new CIMI - Claude
  • CIC, EHR - Skin and Wound IG, Pain (on hold) - Done (Stan)
  • PC - Condition - certainty attribute, presence/absence - Done (Stan)
  • Tooling Group (Enterprise Services, point of contact Wayne Kubick) - MFSH, FSH
    • Our focus is on tools to author content
  • Vocab - UTG

DayTimeTechnical/BusinessEventChairScribeMeeting Minutes

10 -12Plenary Session


September 21

2 - 3 pm EasternTechnical


Key Participants: 

Not Available: 

3 - 4 pm EasternTechnical


Key Participants: 

Not Available: 


September 22

(better for EU)

10 - 11 am EasternTechnical

11 - 12 am EasternTechnical

4-6 pm Eastern


  • Michelle - Confirming that LHS will host Joint meeting on Tuesday Sept 22 4:00-6:00 (Joint with CIMI, PCWG, CIC, PA). WGM, Thanks, Emma

Vocabulary Joint with CQI, CDQ, PC, and O&O (CQI Hosting)

Chair: N/A

Key Participants: Rob McClure

Not available:

CQI to provide


September 23

2 - 3 pm EasternTechnical

Joint with HTA (Vocab Hosting)

  • Focus on UTG

Chair: Caroline Macumber

Key Participants: : Julie James Reuben Daniels Davera Gabriel Susan Matney Roel Barelds

Not available: 

3 - 4 pm EasternTechnical

Joint with HTA (HTA Hosting)

  • HTA update on external URI process and open items
  • Process for identifying and implmenting URI changes in normative HL7 products
  • Request form Vocab for HTA to seek clarification on use of pre-release codes in FHIR
    • It has been proposed that they can be represented as a code system fragment, howeever this declares the pre-release codes as members of the code system - which may be in violoation of the code system authorities intent.
HTA hosting, Zoom to be added
4 -6 Plenary Session


September 24

(better for AU)

6 - 7 pm EasternTechnical

7 - 8 pm EasternTechnical


September 25

(better for EU)

10 - 11 am Eastern


11 - 12 pm Eastern


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  1. Stan Huff I would like some time to discuss modeling of comorbid (underlying) conditions.