Chair:  Richard R. Esmond

Scribe: Richard R. Esmond  






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YesGalen MulrooneyVA
YesKurt AllenPenrad
YesKurt AllenEir Solutions

Minutes Approved as Presented 

The detail proposed agenda is:

  • Record this call
  • Agenda review
    • Meeting business
    • Continued ANF ballot reconciliation - Raja
    • FHIR IGs, and the need for templates - Stan
      • Need to define the requirements and goals of "templating" and then determine the best technical solution
      • Kurt will describe his solution
      • Stan will take a first cut at requirements
    • Aligning CIMI SPO2 with the US Core SPO2 for our Vital Signs IG - Nathan
      • Nathan to talk to Brett Marquard, Thursday Oct 3 11:00 am Eastern
    • Delta Flags vs. interpretation - Susan
      • We need a new attribute for delta flag, it can't be done by slicing on interpretation because we need a name value pair to rename the interpretation and its value set
    • Device metric – do we want to add to the devices - Susan
      • Let's invite Todd Cooper to attend a future CIMI meeting to explain devices and device metrics
    • Associated precondition – should we move clothing worn values there or add as an extra qualifier? - Susan
      • We prefer specific attributes or value sets so that things are explicit
    • Diagnostic report and observations in observations - Richard
      • Richard and Kurt to make examples of alternatives
  • Any other business

Conference Call Information

HL7 CIMI Planning and Oversight meeting

United States: +1 (571) 317-3112

Access Code: 455-549-973