Chair:  Richard R. Esmond

Scribe: Richard R. Esmond  






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Minutes Approved as Presented 



The detail proposed agenda is:

  • Record this call
  • Agenda review
    • Follow-up from last week - All
      • Plans for a near-term joint meeting with O&O & Imaging integration
        • We need to present draft plan for Sections / Subsection modeling
    • VANGUARD PSS was approved by FMG yesterday
    • Approval of the ANF Publication Request - Ioana Singureanu 

      • Motion by Ioana, 2nd by Richard: 14-0-0
      • Claude - important to understand how ANF models relate to other CIMI models
      • Ioana - next step could be to take an existing CIMI model like vital signs and transform it into ANF to prove that it is iso-semantic
      • Richard committed to applying ANF to Breast Radiology models
    • Publishing CIMI draft IGs on the “” site
      • All formal development will be on  the HL7 GitHub site
      • Balloted CIMI materials are at
      • For balloted artifacts, if we can make the process work, should just point to the
      • We should talk to Wayne Kubick about a build process
    • Roadmap discussion - planning future work and ballots
      • Filing of NIBs for February ballots
        • Breast Cancer Radiology - NIB will be filed by Richard, voted on by CIC
        • Vital Signs - NIB needs to filed, will be voted on by Orders and Observations - Susan, Nathan, Richard
        • Wound Assessment - (CIC)
        • Pain Assessment - (CIC)
        • Labs (O&O)
    • Meeting business
  • Any other business

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HL7 CIMI Planning and Oversight meeting

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