Chair:  Richard R. Esmond

Scribe: Richard R. Esmond

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Andrea Pitkusnone

Minutes Approved as Presented 


Nathan Moved, Patrick Second


  • Agenda review
  • Meeting schedule
    • Richard will Chair
  • Review and approval of PSSs that are being submitted
    • Lab - Needs FMG Approval
    • Vital Signs - Needs FMG Approval
    • Skin and Wound - Needs FMG Approval
    • Chronic Disease - on hold
    • Pain - Needs FMG Approval
    • Breast Radiology Profiles - Needs FMG Approval
    • mCODE - all done
  • Need to pick team leaders for GitHub repositories for projects
    • Nathan - Vital Signs and Lab
    • Mark & May - mCODE
  • Mark met with FMG and got mCODE IG Approval
  • Susan met with EHR - Approved to be 3rd Co-Sponsor
    • Skin and Wound
  • Time permitting
    • Detailed model reviews
      • mCODE IG – Mark Kramer
      • Suggested corrections to quantitative lab - Mark
      • Occupational data for health – Mark
    • Interoperability ROI – Steve Hufnagel
  • Any other business

Conference Call Information

HL7 CIMI Planning and Oversight meeting

United States: +1 (571) 317-3112

Access Code: 455-549-973