Chair:  Stan Huff

Scribe: Stan Huff 

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Minutes Approved as Presented 

The detail proposed agenda is:

  • Record this call
  • Agenda review
  • Meeting schedule
    • Stan has a conflict during the second hour next week
    • Stan will be out two weeks from now - Richard to chair
  • PSSs and NIBs for upcoming ballots – Richard
    • Breast Radiology NIB
    • ANF NIB
      • Richard moves approval of Breast Radiology and ANF NIBs for September ballot.  Susan Matney seconds. 
      • Claude - How does ANF relate to the traditional work of CIMI?
        • We need to review the content to make it clear how ANF adds value to CIMI. We can decide not to ballot if the content is not consistent with CIMI goals and objectives.
      • Vote:   13, 0, 0.
  • CIMI ballot process
    • Draft ballot content would be available for review and comment 1 month prior to the final submission dateline
    • 1 week for comments by the community
    • 1 week for the owner/author to make changes
    • 1 week to review changes that were made
    • 1 week for final ballot preparation and submission
    • Motion by Richard, second by Claude to adopt the above schedule as the official CIMI ballot process.
      • Vote: 14, 0, 0.
  • Brief report on joint call with O&O today - Richard, Kurt
    • 3 options were presented for how to represent sections in imaging reports
      • Use Composition Resource - already has sections, but many other resources can't currently reference Composition
      • Modifications to DiagnosticReport - some people thought that was not a good representation for sections
      • Add a new background element - the same elements as in Composition
    • The third option was preferred by Richard and Kurt and some other members of O&O
    • Need a joint meeting with O&O, CIMI, and imaging.  Planned for about the 2nd week of June.
  • PSSs needed in order to be eligible to ballot content in January
    • Specific projects 
      • Vital signs - Nathan and Susan
      • Quantitative Lab - Nathan and Susan
      • Skin and wound - Nathan and Susan
      • Pain assessment - Susan
      • VANGUARD - Richard, Kevin B.
      • Chronic disease management - profiles to represent data for diabetes, COPD, hypertension - Claude
  • Work plan for the coming weeks – Stan, All
    • FHIR profile reviews
    • FHIR logical model strategy
    • Steve Hufnagel’s thoughts and questions
    • Proposal
      • FHIR profile reviews
      • Create a style guide that documents decisions and reasons for our decisions
      • Work with FHIR-I to create more consistency and greater use and enforcement of "patterns"
      • Work with WG owners of Resources to correct errors or inconsistencies
      • We will define the ways that CIMI (as a united voice) would work with FHIR-I and the HL7 WGs to have a good influence. (Attend meetings, submit tracker items, tutorials and presentations, invite folks to CIMI meetings when the topic is relevant to a WG.) Claude will make a first proposal.
      • Claude: Agree on core principles with formal votes, but allow informality and flexibility for review of most issues.
        • Example principle: We want only one preferred representation for a given kind of clinical data.  They should not be inconsistent across different IGs.
      • Stan: Start with the assumption of informal votes and flexibility, and only take formal binding votes when we see that we are repeatedly revisiting the same issue without new evidence. Learn from further experience and knowledge and make changes quickly when we see that our profiles are not fit for purpose. (This approach is what we will try first.)
      • We will hold separate meetings of interested individuals to work on the "Uber" Logical Model.
  • Detailed model reviews
    • mCODE IG – Mark Kramer
    • Suggested corrections to quantitative lab - Mark
    • Occupational data for health – Mark
  • Any other business

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