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Minutes Approved as Presented 

The detail proposed agenda is:

  • Record this call
  • Agenda review
  • Vital Signs questions - Nathan Davis
    • Right now we have separate extensions for both MeasurementDevice and CuffSize.  Dr. van Berkum suggests combining them.
    • Associated Precondition:  The values for this extension all seem to have some sort of temporal context (before cardioversion, during apneic episode, etc.) along with values in other extension such as Sleep Status.  Do we rename this element to something more appropriate (TemporalPeriod, TemporalAssociattion, or something similar) and do we combine it with other, similar elements
  • Provenance and participation - Richard
    • Send email to Richard if you know about projects or have interest
  • Ballot policy
    • Our policy will be to ballot high level patterns/structures/styles of models (i.e. quant lab, codeable lab, titre lab) and any classes that are subject to inclusion in regulation, and the we not ballot the high volume leaf level models (hct, hemoglobin, glucose level, etc.).  
    • We need to socialize this policy with the other Work Groups that we commonly work with.
    • We will plan to include all of the standard lab types (examples: quantitative, codeable, narrative, etc.) in the September ballot.
  • Follow-up actions on Mixins, fragments, components on components, "meaning code" in extensions
    • Say how our requirements map to FHIR resources
      • We should make a position paper on this need, including good examples - Claude can make a first draft
      • Socialize the proposal with other HL7 Working Groups
      • Need to engage in the current conversion on chat and Zulip - everyone should help
    • There has been a decision to ballot FHIR Short Hand in May
    • There will also be inclusion of FHIR Short Hand in the breast imaging ballot
  • Roadmap - what comes next for CIMI? - All
    • Breast pathology - will only need a NIB, not a new PSS
    • Other cancer domains
    • Challenge of existing intellectual property in the new domains
      • Referencing codes in standards versus use in a live production system
    • Social determinants of health?
    • Mental and behavioral health?
    • COVID-19?? Codes and models as a pattern for epidemic or pandemic diseases, look at existing work electronic case reporting
  • Reminder of upcoming ballots
  • Any other business

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