Chair: Stan Huff

Scribe: Stan Huff

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Gay DolinIMO

@Floyd Eisenberg

University of Utah

Kurt Allen


Ioana SingureanuVA

Nathan DavisIMh

 Andrea Pitkus unaffiliated

Minutes Approved as Presented 


  • Agenda review
  • Vote to approve previous weeks minutes.
  • Meeting schedule
    • Stan will Chair
    • Meeting on July 4 is cancelled
    • Stan will be absent July 11 and July 18
  • Brief update on QA - Claude
  • Modeling of collections
    • When we have answers, they will be documented in our New CIMI Style Guide 
    • Proposal for imaging studies with sections
      • Review DiagnosticReport / Sections proposal for O&O on FHIR meeting 
        • Kurt is preparing examples for Part 2
      • Options
        • 1) RadiologyReport would be a profile on DiagnosticReport with the addition of Sections as a backbone element.
        • 2) RadiologyReport would be a profile on Composition with necessary elements added.
    • Proposal for "panels"
      • Floyd - how can eMeasures using CQL represent data by accessing data in the EHR
        • Finding an ejection fraction that could come from different sources
        • Also finding aortic diameter from the same study
        • PHQ9
        • Lab data
        • Wants to provide 4 examples
      • Do we need more than just representation of clinical laboratory panels?
        • Can we defer for now talking about vital signs and assessment instruments, etc.?
          • Floyd needs more than just lab
      • Do we need a solution for ordering panels and for panel results?
        • We need both
        • Orders would query Request Resource
        • Results would be queried as we decide below
      • For lab panel results, what are the use cases we are trying to solve?
        • Single result - is it a report with only one result?
          • The result must be accessible as just an observation. The EHR can store them however they want.
        • Simple panel - (Chem7, Electrolytes, Liver Panel)?
        • Panels in panels - (CBC with diff, Admit panel - CBC, UA, Chem7)
          • As per Mark Kramer's slide set
        • Creatinine clearance?
        • Glucose tolerance test?
        • Microbiology culture 
        • More?
  • Any other business

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