Chair: Richard R. Esmond

Scribe: Richard R. Esmond

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Stan HuffIMH

Andrea PitkusIndependent

Minutes Approved as Presented 


  • Agenda review
  • Meeting schedule
    • Stan will Chair
    • We will plan to cancel the call on July 4
    • Stan will be absent on July 11 and July 18
  • Floyd Discussion of Labs
    • Wants to avoid overlap / conflicts between CIMI and Quality Measures models
    • Want to provide examples on usage of Panels
    • Some preliminary thoughts
      • Why panels, and what is the definition of a panel?
        • To support ordering
        • Storage of results and query on results
      • Types of panels?
        • Chem 7, Liver panel, Vital signs
        • BP which contains Systolic and Diastolic
        • Creatinine clearance (two different specimens)
        • Assessment instruments (apgars, Braden scale, Glascow Coma scale, etc., behavioral/psychosocial surveys)
      • Not a panel
        • Systolic BP with associated qualifiers (bodySite, body position, device, pre-conditions) 
      • Panels and FHIR resource profiles
        • Profiles on observation?
        • Profiles on Diagnostic report?
        • Profiles on Composition
  • CIF / ANF Presentation
  • VANGUARD question and answer with Kevin
  • Lorraine Discussion on Labs with O&O
    • Wants to invite CIMI and O&O to the ARB
    • ARB Meeting at 5 PM Eastern on Thursday's
    • Will target a meeting on June 27th (two weeks from one)
  • Brief report on ICHOM (International Council on Health Outcome Measures) - Stan
    • Standardizing information models for data shared in measures
    • Not for profit international organization
  • Time permitting
    • Detailed model reviews
      • mCODE IG – Mark Kramer
      • Suggested corrections to quantitative lab - Mark
      • Occupational data for health – Mark
  • Any other business

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HL7 CIMI Planning and Oversight meeting

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