Chair: Richard R. Esmond

Scribe: Richard R. Esmond






YesSusan Matney
YesReed Gelzer
YesNathan Davis
YesPaul Seville
YesKurt AllenEir Solutions

Minutes Approved as Presented 

The detail proposed agenda is:

  • Record this call
  • Agenda review
  • January 23 call - Stan will not be able to attend
  • Discussion of SWA PSS by Reed Gelzer of Skin Wound Assessment
    • Vote to approve co-sponsorship with note to review clarification of relationship with WoundAssessment project in final content.
    • Approved (Susan / Claude 7-0-0)
  • Discuss and review examples of the options for representing BodyStructure/BodyLocation - Nathan, Claude, All

    • Not ready.  Plan to do this topic next week.
  • Updates on PSS progress
    • Asking for exceptions for vital signs, wound assessment
    • We will delay ballots on lab profiles and pain assessment to September
    • We are now required to have a Connectathon and we are making plan for how to do virtual Connectathons
  • Any updates on HL7 WGM in Sydney
  • Future agenda items
    • "Mixins" or "Fragments" that would be common building blocks for provenance, roles, participations, etc.
  • Any other business

Conference Call Information

HL7 CIMI Planning and Oversight meeting

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Access Code: 455-549-973