Chair: Stan Huff

Scribe: Stan Huff   






YesAndrea Pitkusunaffiliated
YesGalen MulrooneyVA
YesStan HuffIntermountain

YesKurt AllenEir Solutions

Minutes Approved as Presented 


The detail proposed agenda is:

  • Record this call
  • Agenda review
  • Future meetings: No meeting on Dec 26 or Jan 2.
  • Follow up on O&O session today - All
    • DeviceType being added to Observation
    • Adding point of reference to BodyStructure (for discussion Jan 2)
    • CodeableReference is being proposed for R5
  • Breast Radiology Items - Richard and Kurt
    • Multiple approaches will work
    • In the end, you need to get to models that are specific for the kind of lesion and the modality, but any shared attributes should be consistent in the detailed models
  • Discuss Connectathon Track at the CMS Connectathon in January - Nathan
    • CMS or Logica Connectathon?
      • No time to get ready for CMS in January 
    • Need a methodology for Logica Connectathon - Logica leadership first, then we will include everyone
      • Particular projects TBD
  • OxygenSaturation and HeadCircumference - Susan
    • Lots of issues
    • Susan will document all of the issues and options, talk with LOINC folks, then convene all stakeholders
  • Time on Vocab agenda in Australia?
    • We can share the time with other folks
  • Any other business

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HL7 CIMI Planning and Oversight meeting

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