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Minutes Approved as Presented 

The detail proposed agenda is:

  • Record this call
  • Agenda review
  • Future meetings: No meeting on Dec 26.  We WILL plan to meet on Jan 2.
  • Follow up on O&O session today - All
    • Richard scheduled additional time for next week
  • Advancement of PSSs
    • Pain - Susan met with the US Realm.  Susan addressed their questions and the PSS was approved.
      • Took out the testing section.
      • Richard R. Esmond will reach out to Aegis to come to a CIMI call to update us on testing.
    • Skin and Wound Assessment
      • Still finishing details of value set contents.
      • Susan Matney will investigate where the PSS is in the formal process.
    • Laboratory 
  • Vital signs questions
    • LOINC code for vital signs panel - Susan, Nathan
      • We need consistency between US Core and LOINC panel definition
      • We need to have a plan for profiling for vital signs for pediatric (arterial cord blood)
      • Convene a group to discuss the O2Sat question.  We need to involve Eric Haas, Riki, Brett Marquart, and CIMI, and LOINC in a conversation. Susan Matneywill set up a meeting of the interested stake holders.
      • Also head circumference by tape measure
      • A possibility is to use the more generic codes in the LOINC panel and take advantage
    • Vital signs preconditions - Susan, Nathan
      • SNOMED CT associated content: temporal periods, times of day, pre and post, during, phase of life, specific events or states (apnea, pregnancy, pre-puberty, post menopausal, etc.)
      • We will include: pre, post, during, specific states and events as a start
      • For situations where there is a need to reference the details of a specific event we need to add an attribute to allow a reference to the event instance
  • Types of collections and how they are represented in FHIR resources - Stan
    • See draft document
    • We will plan to create a "for comment" ballot to get preferences on the representation of different types of "collections."
    • Similar issues exist with use of diagnostic report and composition
  • Any other business

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HL7 CIMI Planning and Oversight meeting

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