Minutes Approved as Presented 

May 2023 minutes approved unanimously


Stan Huff

Nathan Davis

Claude Nanjo

Andrea Pitkus

Chris Melo

Kurt Allen

Discussion items

45 minDiscuss sponsoring the "Addressing Gaps in FHIR Profiles for High-Value Chronic Disease Management Use Cases.  PSS-2198Claude N.

Will only create profiles that do not already exist.

OO would like to co-sponsor this project.  OO asks if this should be a cross-project endeavor, given the scope.

See comments attached to PSS in Jira.

Do we constrain the proposal to be specific to a single chronic disease or do we derive several scope statements/projects from it.  

Next steps: Update Project Proposal

10 minUpdate on approval process for CIMI's updated mission, vision, charter, and SWOTStanRan out of time for this discussion.  Will disscuss SWOT via email thread.

Action items