Chair: Tim Williams

Scribe: Andy Wang, Raja Cholan




XContractor, Book Zurman
XRichard R. EsmondChair, PenRad

Kirsten HaakeContractor, Deloitte

Keith Campbell VA
XJoey CoyleContractor
XTimothy WilliamsContractor, Deloitte
XContractor, Deloitte
XAndy WangContractor, Deloitte

 Kyle MauldenContractor, Deloitte

Andrew SillsContractor, Deloitte

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3:00 –3:15

Organization of ContentNew Logical FlowRaja
3:15-3:30IntroductionChanges in content to IntroIoana
3:30 - 3:50Pragmatic Use and Next StepsDraft and new contentIoana

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