Chair: Benson Chang

Scribe: Ioana Singureanu  




XContractor, Book Zurman
XBenson ChangContractor, Deloitte
XRichard R. EsmondChair, PenRad

Kirsten HaakeContractor, Deloitte
XKeith CampbellVA
XJoey CoyleContractor
XTimothy WilliamsContractor, Deloitte
XRaja CholanContractor, Deloitte

Kyle MauldenContractor, Deloitte
XAndy WangContractor, Deloitte
XAndrew SillsContractor, Deloitte

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ManagementProject Resource Transition

Richard informed the team that next week an official NIB for the ballot for September should be able to be created in the HL7 systems.

Benson will be transitioning away from the project chair role for this project.  Tim Williams will be taking chair role for now moving forward.

BallotReview Backlog of Work to be completed and assign work for the next week (Andy/Tim)
  1. Introduction - Ioana will work on this week of 5/15/2019
  2. Introduction to Clinical Statements - Kirsten and Tim, by 5/17
    1. Action Item - Need folder on GitHub project for Visio documents and other image file
  3. ANF Clinical Statements - Kirsten, Tim, and Joey - by 5/17, Joey to get CIMI examples done by 5/3
  4. CIF - Tim, Raja, by 5/17.   How do we sequence the side by side examples between ANF and CIMI?   May be easier to see where this best goes when we get the content in initially
    1. Do we need to be specific about the format?  No, for the informative ballot for September 2019.   Logical model is the most appropriate thing, but maybe we explain between abstract and logical model in the whitepaper.   Add both to Glossary as well.
  5. ANF - Tim, Raja by 5/17.
  6. ANF Reference Model - Kirsten, Tim by 5/17
  7. Transformation - Raja, by 5/10 - Transformation Language
  8. ANF vs. CIF - Kirsten, Tim, Joey
  9. Conclusion - Ioana by 5/17
  10. References
    1. Team needs an SOP/Primer on using Mendeley to add references 

BallotFollow up on slope discussion from 4/28 Call (Ioana)Discussed more details on a Sepsis example for the purposes of the whitepaper.   Connectathon will be happening in September.
Management Next agendaAndy Wang is out 5/1 - 5/10.   Tim and Raja will maintain schedule until his return and will facilitate calls starting 5/7.   5/7 meeting should go over SOP/Primer on Mendeley tool for adding/maintaining citations to the references section.

Supporting Documents

Outline Reference

Supporting Document

Sprint PlanSIA and ANF Project Plan v2 20190430.xlsx


  • Transition Project Meeting coordination from Benson to Tim (Benson/Tim)

  • Send out SOP/Primer on using Mendeley to add references (Andrew/Andy)
  • Hold walkthrough on SOP/Primer on using Mene