Chair: Stan Huff

Scribe: Stan Huff







Susan MatneyIntermountain

Reed GelzerTrustworthy EHR and Registry Clearinghouse

Nathan DavisIntermountain

Paul Seville

Kurt AllenEir Solutions

Stan HuffIntermountain

Minutes Approved as Presented 

The detail proposed agenda is:

  • Agenda review
  • Future meetings
  • Report from meeting with Grahame Grieve, Wayne Kubick, Austin Kriesler - Stan
    • Follow up with M&M to see how we make progress with consistency of FHIR profiles. Zulip?  Involve Claude.
    • We plan to pursue the development of a "common logical model" as a small group activity
    • Community/ecosystem adoption of plug-and-play compatibility may be best done outside of HL7 but coordinated with HL7.  We want to monitor the progress of Logica and Graphite until at least the end of the year, and then decide how to integrate the work with HL7 processes.
    • CIMI will continue to do the useful things that it is doing now:
      • Ballot patterns/archetypes for laboratory models - quantitative, ordinal, nominal, titres, etc.
  • Proposal 
    • Reduce the weekly CIMI meeting to 1 hour - we will vote next week whether to meet at 2 or 3 pm Eastern
    • Cancel the weekly meeting if there are no significant agenda items
  • We will hold for now on electing a 4th co-chair
    • Bhagvan Kommadi offered to help as needed
  • Nathan and Susan will send Vital Signs block vote to CIMI for non binding review
  • Any other business

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HL7 CIMI Planning and Oversight meeting

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