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Minutes Approved as Presented 

The detail proposed agenda is:

  • Record this call
  • Agenda review
  • Agenda for September Virtual WGM
  • Review the mission and roadmap of CIMI with Grahame Grieve
    • Overarching Goal: Enable plug-and-play FHIR Interoperability
    • Current Mission Statement: Improve the interoperability of healthcare systems through shared implementable clinical information models. 
    • Observation: There are currently challenges to plug-and-play interoperability of FHIR, and consistency of FHIR profiles across IGs.
    • Proposed new focus for CIMI (FHIR Profile Working Group?): Assist in making FHIR profiles and APIs consistent and interoperable across FHIR IGs
      • Review FHIR profiles and APIs in existing IGs and if inconsistencies are found, work with IG authors to reconcile the differences
      • Help to create a documented process, supported by tooling, to make it easy for people to:
        • create interoperable profiles
        • reuse interoperable profiles that already exist
      • For current and future work on Vital Signs, Pain Assessment, Skin and Wound Assessment, Laboratory Results, etc., current CIMI members would work as members of existing working groups (OO, PC, CIC, CQI, CDS, etc.)
      • The work plan would be organized around projects and practical implementation
    • Questions for discussion
      • Is this new direction of value to the FHIR community?
      • Are one or more groups already working on this?  If so, can we join with those groups and make a contribution? If this isn't being worked on, can a new group be recognized as the home (a convenor) for this work?
    • Additional Considerations
      • The new CIMI would be a horizontal cross cutting working group
      • Use of Profile WG generated profiles is not mandatory
      • Focused on a high degree ("real") interoperability - profile consistency across domains
      • Needed tools
        • FHIR Short Hand (FSH)
        • Macro FSH,
        • Profile compare tool
        • Standard routines for graphical display and traversal of profiles to allow easy clinical review
        • Create a "style guide" or other guidelines about best practices
      • CIMI may merge with one or more other groups
        • Need to investigate what Modeling and Methodology does
        • FHIR-I
        • Conformance and testing? Gemini?
      • Lack of resources will be a challenge
        • Bootstrap to demonstrate value and generate support
        • Pick a limited subdomain like lab as a first project
      • Have a kickoff meeting and make a wide and general communication and invitation to other working groups
      • Invite representatives from WGs to the profiling WG (like the current vocabulary and modeling facilitators)
      • Creating a common logical model (actually a set of models) has been a difficult challenge, but there are some CIMI members that are still motivated to pursue this objective. We plan to pursue this goal via a small subgroup of CIMI.
    • Thoughts from Grahame
      • This is an area of interest and importance
      • The HL7 FHIR Registry should be an important part of the IG publication process.
        • Help in discovering overlap and redundancy of profiles in existing IGs
      • What are the intentions about US vs international reuse and consistency?
      • The affiliates are doing profiling within their own domains with no accountability.
      • Has been asked to make a "meta implementation guide" for the US Realm
      • International Patient Summary - candidate for international consistency
    • Julia Skapik - making FHIR accessible of clinical people and medical societies, a more clinician friendly group
    • Kurt - Where is the forum within HL7 and FHIR to talk about architectural issues like the ones that came up in the breast imaging IG about Composition versus DiagnosticReport?
    • Next steps
      • Joint meeting with FHIR, FHIR-I, M&M, and all domain committees should be invited
      • Talk to Wayne and Austin
      • Meet monthly with CIMI and Grahame
  • Any other business

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