Chair: Stan Huff

Scribe: Stan Huff







Susan MatneyIntermountain

Reed Gelzer

Nathan DavisIntermountain

Paul Seville

Kurt AllenEir Solutions

Stan HuffIntermountain

Minutes Approved as Presented 

The detail proposed agenda is:

  • Record this call
  • Agenda review
  • Review PSS and NIB Deadline Dates
    • Need NIBs for Vital Signs, Skin and Wound, for Quantitative Lab, Breast Imaging
    • Susan will work with Richard to file the needed NIBs
  • Consistency of profiles across IGs (Kurt and Richard to give a presentation about use of templates and macros to enhance consistency and reuse)
  • Review the mission of CIMI: Improve the interoperability of healthcare systems through shared implementable clinical information models. 
  • Any other business

Conference Call Information

HL7 CIMI Planning and Oversight meeting

United States: +1 (571) 317-3112

Access Code: 455-549-973