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Susan MatneyIntermountain

Reed Gelzer

Nathan DavisIntermountain

Paul Seville

Kurt AllenEir Solutions

Stan HuffIntermountain

Minutes Approved as Presented 

The detail proposed agenda is:

  • Record this call
  • Agenda review
  • Review PSS and NIB Deadline Dates
    • Need NIBs for Vital Signs, Skin and Wound, for Quantitative Lab, Breast Imaging
    • Susan will work with Richard to file the needed NIBs
  • Discuss the future direction of CIMI
    • Richard
      • Creating "logical models" is hard
      • FHIR Short Hand - it could help with consistency
      • CIMI should be the home for needed enhancements to FISH
    • Lorraine
      • Publish the core CIMI model
      • How to share profiles across IGs?
      • Agrees that consistency across IGs (FHIR and CDA) would provide important value.  Needs to happen within HL7.  Could work with standards governance board, quality assurance specifications.
    • Claude
      • Less involvement in tooling
      • Focus on CIMIs mission of semantic and/or plug-n-play interoperability - support an economy of semantic interoperable data and applications
      • Creating a "logical model" that is consistent with FHIR is hard and hasn't seen uptake within the HL7 WGs
      • Review and create consistency of FHIR IGs across domains and WGs
      • Help develop DAMs and then verifying that the requirements in the DAMs are supported in the IG
      • Creating the consistency across IGs is hard and a lot of work - do we have the commitment and resources to do this?
      • Should CIMI work with FHIR to come up with governance, structure, road map, and process for development of coordinated and consistent IGs (Richard - better to do in CIMI or Logica?)
    • Reed
      • Recommend that CIMI consider taking a somewhat larger perspective, addressing first the entire process/workflow for meeting HL7 clients/beneficiaries needs. They want authoritative Standard asap. It sounds like a number of the things being discussed (macros, templates, consistency, etc.) fall easily under the general headings of faster, better, simpler. In sum, model the current workflow for the end-to-end process of creating a Standard in response to a defined patient need. Apply all these options in accordance to the cost/benefit to simplifying and speeding that end-to-end process.
    • Michael Waters
      • Many ways that CIMI could inform the broader community.
    • Seth
      • It is not easy to know where FHIR is being used, what IGs are actually being used
      • Is it possible to somehow generate a map of which Resources have been profiled, and indexed and searchable so that you could analyze and harmonize different profiling efforts?
      • Cross project WG - coordination across WGs; also work of Vocabulary WG to have FHIR representations be consistent with standard terminologies
      • The ability to summarize the clinical content that is boiled down to just what a clinician - clinical essence - needs.  Clinician friendly.
    • Stan
      • Style guide
      • FHIR IG consistency
      • Consistent reuse of profiles across IGs
      • Need tool (like unix "diff") to compare profiles
      • Improved CIMI process
    • Gary Dickinson
      • Clinician burden work; authoring clinician enters and then rendered for another clinician to use; how is end to end context and fidelity maintained through that process?
      • Are the models visible to the clinician so its characteristics and attributes can be understood by the clinician
      • New version of Functional Model, data requirements overwhelm other content, could FM refer to a CIMI logical model?
      • Clinicians are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data, need for recognizing duplicates, abilities to de-duplicate, and rationalize the data.
  • Group consensus
    • Enhancements to FISH
      • What enhancements are needed?
      • What plans does MITRE have for a next version?
      • Who should own the work?  What does the tooling group do?
    • Consistency of profiles across IGs (Kurt and Richard to give a presentation about use of templates and macros to enhance consistency and reuse)
      • How to share profiles in an easy way across IGs
      • What is already being considered and by whom?
    • What does CIMI do? How does CIMI fit into HL7 and FHIR? How do we work with the different WGs? How does this relate to Logica?
      • Should CIMI work with FHIR to come up with governance, structure, road map, and process for development of coordinated and consistent IGs?
    • Big picture review of CIMI processes with the goal of value, simplicity, speed. (as per Reed G.)
  • Any other business

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