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All project documentation should be in Confluence.

CIC Projects on HL7 Site

CIC-Sponsored Projects  

CIC Contact /Project Lead

CIC  Follow-up      

Documents (URL)

Critical Dates (Please do not remove.)

Reporting Requested

Breast Cancer Modeling and FHIR Profile Development (1363)

Co-sponsor: CIMI

For Sept 2019 Ballot 

First ‘For Comment’ Ballot - Target: 2018 May Ballot
First ‘For Comment’ Ballot & First Connectathon track - Target: 2018 Sept WGM

First STU Ballot - Target: 2019 May Ballot

Project End Date - Target: Sept 2019 WGM

  • For Comment September 2019 Ballot
  • Informative Jan 2020 Ballot
  • STU May 2020 Ballot

Minimal Common Oncology Data Elements (mCODE) (1509)

Sponsor: CIC


3/25/2019: We’ve resolved PHER’s concerns and the PSS has been forwarded to TSC.

2/15/2019: PSS approved by CIC.


Next Milestone Date

STU Ballot (First Ballot)                           Sept 2019

Complete Ballot Reconciliation      Jan 2020 WGM

STU Published                                           Jan 2020

Ballot Normative                                       Jan 2022

Complete Normative Reconciliation        Jan 2022

Submit Publication Request                     Feb 2022

Receive ANSI Approval                            April 2022

Project End date                                       April 2022

Provide Monthly Updates

Request formal content review prior to ballot

Domain Analysis Model-Bipolar and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (1144)

Co-sponsor: CIMI

Amy Nordo

@Maryam Younes

Clarify: Once the DAM has been balloted it will be transitioned to CDISC to be implemented and harmonized into their standards.

Lindsey will complete publication request.

Project End Date

Common Clinical Registry Framework: Common Data Elements (CDEs) for Registries Interoperability (1391)

Co-sponsors: CIMI, CQI, EHR, PC and PH

@Anita Walden

Chrystal Price

@Seth Blumenthal

Amy Nordo

Lindsey to send update to Dave Hamill.

Anita - reviewed PSS and NIB Completed.

Latest Ballot September 2019

Health Record Exchange Framework (HReX) Da Vinci (1494)

Co-sponsors: Patient Care, Financial Management, Attachments

ICDS Hooks out of HRex - purpose is to have shared  - remove 

Early Ballot candidate 

Editing Framework - Trifolia 

FHIR Current Build site 


June 2019: Approved IG pending appropriate URL update

May 2019: Approved NIB for July Ballot 

September 1, 2019

Vanguard Project 

Co-sponsors: CIMI

Clinical Genetics

Julia SkapikPSS Approved 

Informative: Jan 2020
STU: May 2020
Normative: Jan 2021

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