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Project Information (Project # 1509)       mCODE Dashboard

mCODE™ —short for Minimal Common Oncology Data Elements—is an initiative intended to assemble a core set of structured data elements for oncology electronic health records (EHRs). The goal is to facilitate cancer data interoperability and improve overall cancer data quality for patient care and research by establishing a set of elements that would form the basic data that would populate all EHRs for patients with cancer. mCODE™ has been created and is being supported by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO®) in collaboration with the MITRE Corporation. (source: ASCO).

Project Documents and Resources

Meeting Information

  • There are no regularly scheduled mCODE-specific project calls. This project is periodically discussed as part of the Cancer Interoperability Group calls on Wednesdays 9-10am ET (weekly):
United States: +1 (786) 535-3211
Access Code: 116-193-445


  • 4/5/2019:  mCODE version 0.9 Implementation Guide has been released for review
  • 5/23/2019: mCODE Notice of Intent to Ballot STU ballot in Sept. 2019 submitted
  • 7/11/2019: mCODE™ version 0.9.1 Implementation Guide released for review in anticipation of the September 2019 ballot:
  • 9/13-14/2019: mCODE™ Connectathon Track successfully run.  Details of the track are found here: 2019-09 mCODE Cancer Interoperability Track
  • 9/16/2019: mCODE™ version 0.9.1 Implementation Guide ballot approved for STU.  Summary of votes: 67 affirmative, 16 negative, 59 abstain, 22 no vote. 
  • 12/17/2019: mCODE™ version 0.9.2 STU1 Pre-Release#1 was released for review. This is the first of two pre-release candidates to review before scheduling an STU1 Publication request and meeting with the FHIR TSC.
  • 3/16/2020: mCODE™ version 1.0.0 STU1 was approved by the HL7 Technical Steering Committee and is published.  

Issues/Hot Topics

  • Questions and feedback about mCODE™ can be submitted on the Cancer Interoperability mCODE stream.
  • Feedback on the mCODE™ can be submitted through the mCODE™ JIRA Issue Tracker.
    • To submit an mCODE specific, or contribute a new issue on mCODE, you search with the string project = FHIR AND Specification ~ "mcode"  or the URL here
    • Please note this tracker does not substitute the submission of formal ballot comments according to HL7 procedures.


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