Date:  January 18, 2023

Quarter: 2 and 4

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Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

Discussion items


Q2 All Things Registries

MedMORPHMaria Michaels

Project is in a transition phase at this time. 

  • MedMorph Reference Architecture IG approved for publication by the Public Health WG
  • MedMorph content IGs (1. Health Care Surveys, 2. Cancer Registry Reporting, 3. Research Data Exchange) publication requests are expected to be approved in the next few weeks
  • Real-world pilots for the Health Care Surveys and Cancer Registry Reporting use cases are starting up (includes the Hepatitis C use case)
  • New use case (FluSurvNET – hospital influenza reporting) has begun and will develop a content IG and then conduct a real-world pilot.  Project proposal - has been accepted by Public Health this week.  PSS will be coming soon. 


  • Connectathon report out
  • Manuscript /Report out plans
David Pyke and Keith Boone

Did the entire CREDs workflow - start to finish at the connectathon last weekend.  tested fetching the structure defition from the registry repository.  extracted data from Synthea, Created the submission bundle... took about 45 minutes.  Submitted the bundle which was quick. 

Participants = Adacious Inquiry, CRISP, American College of Cardiology, LeapOrbit ( data extracton and submission)

Findings:  need to specify how the OperationOutcome of parsing the submission should be specified, need to profile how a request for corrections and missing data are handled, were able to parse 108 of 327 queries with 80% successful data retrieves (26% of data fetched), CPT codes will be needed with current EHR structures but no ability to distribute the codes without license which is prohibitively expensive for a registry. 

Next steps:  move to publication of STU, academic paper to highlight changes to clinical documentation.  May ballot...  technically funding sponsorship ends in March- but will see through publication...

Jimmy Tcheng and Mark Kellerman are working on writing up the findings of this work.  The number of queries requiring human interaction due to the pre-coordination of things was significant.    The challenge of working with code systems, EHRs and the difficulty of querying things is significant.  Work is happening to normalize content to make this more doable...

NIB to be drafted for the Thursday CIC meeting.  Targeting May ballot for this project.  NIB targeted for February 9th 2 pm ET business call. 

regarding codes... there is a question of using the NLM CUI as references could be useful as opposed to mapping to CPT codes which is cost prohibitive. 

Planning for next WGM for this quarterLauraAttendees are ok with 2 quarters of project meetings, and are OK with either 2 and 4 or 3 and 4. 

Mission and CharterRuss and LauraEdits are needed to this text  to represent the current work of the work group.  Criticisms specifically related to the Charter area where it needs to be more generalized.  Refer more to workflows and not just data sets, and we are looking more at implementation, not just data sets. 
Q4 All Things Cancer plus


  • HTN project (starting with self monitored BP)
Rute Martins

Review of slide deck - including areas of focus.  Base cardiovascular lexicon, medical device assessment and surveillance, structured synoptic cardiovascular procedure reporting, ...

HTN use case:  University of Nebraska facilitated choice of use case.  Bridging the clinic and the home and needed decision making.  The project proposal should be done this spring...  would like to see CIC interested in sponsoring this project. 

mCARD is the infrastructure for the cardiovascular domain, similar to mCODE/CODEx. 

Breast Imaging


Questonnaires were updated over the summer.  Current work has bee focused on non-metastatic breast cancer.  Codes have been updated with SnoMED codes.  (ACC codes replaced). 

Just completed a ballot - received 5 comments.  2 were negative.  There were also 20 more comments not "tied" the ballot.... will also work through those and some other comment received from a reviewer but not entered into the balloting system.  Team will plan on meeting weekly - with one week off after the WGM. 

January ballot was postponed.  Would like to target May ballot.  Delay is not content related, but socialization of some changes within the community and gettng feedback.  Currently all systems go for a May ballot - will be the third STU.... STU3  - not looking at normative yet as the resources are not normative... There has been a 2.1 version that did not require a ballot - they followed the IG update process - which allows minor revisions without going to ballot, which were to include codes requested from SNOMED that were newly issued.  Planning on a NIB for the May ballot cycle.  Feb 19th is the NIB deadline.  There is a draft available.  March 26th is the final content deadline.  it needs to circulate in the CIC membership so the informed vote can take place before that.  Can hold the content approval vote on March 23rd.  Notice for voting needs to go out March 9th. Will need a block vote on items needing cleanup - some items removed etc on February 23rd.

Action items