Date:  Sept 20, 2021

Monday Quarter: Q3

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Business Meeting - Agenda Review, Introductions, Dealing with Whova

Adjourned at 2:25 ET

Discussion items


Action items

Tuesday Quarter Q4


Viet Nguyen shared the DaVinci HRex Dashboard

No other agenda items. Adjourned early. 

Vulcan will be on the CIC Q1 Agenda tomorrow.

Bob Dieterle - here for HRex Update: (narrative recorded)

  • Adjustment to Member Match - CMS interoperability rule requires individuals be able to take their data with them (USCDI data). No specification of how or who.
  • Ready for publication in a couple weeks.

Wednesday Q3

Laura Heermann-Langford chair

James McClay Scribe

Introductions: (See attendance list)

Topic: Framework of Frameworks - Registries

What are each group working on.

Vanguard - Marti Velezis Venous Access Device registry

  • Unique Device Identification Elements (UDI)
  • Anatomic Placement location and procedure details for devices
  • patient Outcomes of use of access device
  • Vanguard FHIR Implementation Guide
  • Use Case - Collect structured Data in IP Clinical Workflow for venous access devices insertion.
  • Future use case: salvage of device, outpatient setting
  • Update: rely heavily on HL7 resources which are changing. So they are going to delay.
  • Todo: Update CIC project page.

CREDS - Clinical Registry Extraction and Data Submission (CREDS) IG

mCODE - Mark Kramer  - Minimal Common Oncology Data Elements

  • Covers demographics, functional status, genomics, diagnosis, procedures, medications, key outcomes.
  • ~100 data elements supported by oncologists and other SMEs
  • Started a FHIR accelerator - radiotherapy IGs and other specialty areas
  • Example: Cancer Registry Reporting in association with CDC (MedMorph is more general and deals with exchange mechanics. complimentary)
  • Current status: ballot in May for second STU version - handful of issues remaining. will move forward to publication after retraction of negative votes.
  • Genomics is still in the works.
  • Quite a few implementors already. There are dependencies which are not normative yet so cannot publish a normative specification.
  • Close collaboration with CDC and other standards to improve conformance (Location + Location qualifier for anatomic location in Body Structure Resource)

MedMorph - Maria Michaels Making EHR Data More Available for Research and Public Health

  • Use cases:
    • Research Data Exchange: use by PCORnet research network to extract data.
    • Electronic Case Reporting for Public Health Surveilance
  • Close to publication of reference implementation guide
  • General solution to moving EHR data to research and public health
  • Knowledge Artifact Repository - could house CDS algorithms or Clinical Quality Measure Definitions.
  • Over laps with FHIR Clinical Guidelines IG
  • Trusted Third Party - leverage TEFCA
    • Health Information Exchange - with EMPI
  • What about other data sources? Intend on expand to other data sources (PGHD, PRO, Devices)
  • AbdulMalik Shakir asked how the raw data is converted to common data models. MedMorph Central Cancer Registry Reporting Content IG.
    • need well developed data definitions.

Codex - Common Oncology Data Elements eXtensions

  • Birds of a Feather was done yesterday
  • no other report today on this topic

Vulcan -

  • No report today...


  • Versioning of Implementation Guides - requires backwards compatibility. May be necessary for vendor uptake.
  • Goal of CIC to find commonalities across initiatives and coordinate efforts.
  • Overlapping architectual diagrams. (align Vanguard, MedMorph, Vulcan)
  • Discussion should continue during 4th Thursday CIC call - focus on meta framework. - Change the 4th Thursday to not a report out of projects to a working meeting to harmonize the common grounds of the registries.  Have committment for Med Morph, Vanguard, mCode, Codex, need to reach out to VULCAN (invite BR&R?), and CREDS.