Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Quarter: Q2




  • Report on Breast Radiology Ballot
  • Report out MCode Ballot
  • Sydney agenda


  • Report out mCode Ballot
    • Good turnout for the ballot- it passed
    • 127- comments

Areas of comments

  • alignment on other implementation guides
  • genomics- the ballot took a simplified view of the genomic area. May defer some of this because it may take some time to complete.
    • Will consider making two layers of models- one more advance than the other
  • Lab Coding comments- Should we align directly with LOINC or align with commercial labs. The labs may have different panels using different codes.
  • Use of FHIR- should we use extensions or components. Pushback on using extensions. Components may not give the results that are needed.
  • Boundaries of mCode
  • Failed to define detailed patterns of use. The IG is a laundry list of items but may not cover all of the information needed for some processes.
    • If using US CORE. How to separate the US components from the others. May not care about everything that US CORE supports
    • Doesn’t say who must support some elements
  • The intent for the labs is to understand diagnosis but not test ordering.
  • CIMI will look at the IG and suggest to include the labs that should be included.
  • The oncology group would like to align with CCRF project for the cancer registries.
  • Some of the code systems are not supported by IG publisher. The guide is incomplete where FHIR publisher will not print out the codes. Use of the NCI
  • Wed 10am calls to go through Issues and defer some comments to STU 2.

Report on Breast Radiology Ballot – Richard

  • Got good feedback on the ballot and received the answers they were looking for.
  • Have about 30 NEG comments dealing with similar issues
  • Comments made good cases on how to resolve issues.
  • Will have a next ballot to include this information.
  • Bron Kisler of NCI had a conversation about this topic and is getting information on SOLAR
  • NCI Thesaurus is linked to SNOMED and unique. Move the content into SOLAR.
  • Need to determine approach for harmonizing SOLAR and NCI Thesaurus.
  • Get FHIR to support the NCI Thesaurus.
  • Codes should place the terminologies into a FHIR compatible Terminology server rather than placing them directly into FHIR
  • Ballot reconciliation will take place.
  • Need a PSS for Lung and get it in process this cycle and will have a year to do the work

Need to place it on the CIC agenda


  • There will be fewer people going due to travel funding.
  • The Wed Q2 will remain on the schedule for Sydney.

Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

Discussion items


Action items