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mCode Presentation

Mark Kramer

Provided an overview of mCODE FHIR IG and what it is; in particular, the clinical aspects (see graphic in IG). 

Discussions on "Disease Status" which is not normally recorded.

Ballot Reconciliation: much of the comments around labs and definitions of "treatment intent".  Value sets could have more granularity.   They defined their own value sets made out of existing terminology. Codes which are propitiatory cannot be included. 

Can still be open to comments: link is in the IG.

67 Affirm, 16 Neg, 59 Abst    86.59% Quorum need 50 for approval.  All comments will be reviewed.  

GForge is where everything is stored: 2 ways to submit - enter directly into GForge or spreadsheet; both together are now in GForge. 

  • May looked at Genomics 

  • There is a mixture of those on call.  mCODE (Laura) 

Resolution: Tracker #24506: Persuasive; Improve intro Mark made motion/May seconded. 

Resolution: Tracker #24507   Persuasive;Edit as recommended.  9-0-0 Mark/Wendy motioned/seconded.

Triaged: Tracker #24509   Negative Major per Wendy - defined the value set she provided; recommended changes to the value sets.   They found groups of terms missing.  Originally had higher level of descendants.  Defer for further research before making a recommendation after discussion with SMEs. 

Persuasive with Mod Tracker:  24510   Laterality - will more clearly state that laterality should be reported.   Discussions around pre and post cardinality were also discussed at the Connectathon.  Are going to look at Lab IG that is put out and look through comments and coordinate a meeting to work through comments with a co-chair present.  

Motion: May/Wendy passed 10-0-0. 

Wednesday calls at 10 AM: needs a co-chair. Make sure it is on the CIC listserve, calendar and Confluence.  

May will add Connectathon page to the CIC list.

Can still comment on IG if wanted.



mCode presentation

May Terry

Provided an overview of the mCODE Connectathon Track results.


Action items


Date: September 16, 2019


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XAmy Cramer
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