Date: May 8, 2019

Quarter: Q2

Minutes Approved as Presented 

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Report out of co-sponsored projects .

  • mCODE

Discussion items

40 minutesmCODE

May Terry , and Mark Kramer


Minimal Common Data Elements (mCode)

Goal for the publish FHIR implementation guide in the September Ballot

See the link for additional information (

Survey send in January to collect feedback on expanding the set of common data elements - This survey got more responses than anyother sent by ASCO in the past. Well over 100 comments. It was not just clinical there were also vendors that provided feedback.

ASCO project

Agreed to add a quarter to the CIC September WGM dedicated to mCODE. Schedule a room for about 30 people . Report out of project, update from the connect-a-thon and lessons learned from demo project with Intermountain Health

The connect-athon is being targeted for September. Intermountain is demoing this. Proposed to merge a connect-a-thon track with the Cancer Interoperability project. The groups with take this off-line and discuss this they will provide final details to the CIC list serv

Developing a communication plan: creating a confluence page, sending updates to the listserv and creating a touch point with CIC

CIMI requests to CICStan Hufnagel / Richard Esmond

Previous PSS with PAtient Care on Skin Care. These PSS were submitted as CIMI as the sponsor but TSC felt that CIC should be the sponsor. CIMI will take on the heavy lifting of this project.

Looking to partner with CIC on : Asking CIC to sponsors and CIMI to be co-sponsors

  1. Skin and Wound Assessment PSS- Podiatrists would like to be involved (EHR WG co-sponsor)
  2. Pain Assessment
    1. Susan Matney will facilitate both of these projects
      1. Are there drafts on these PSS? CIMI will provide updated PSS.
      2. Potentially more appropriate to partner with CIC
      3. Targeted January ballot cycle
  3. Vanguard PSS - central line
    1. they have thousands of row of data
    2. Do they have funding?
    3. Kevin Baskin will facilitate this project. He's not a member of HL7. Stan Hufnagle will take the role as the facilitator of this project and work with Kevin to become a HL7 member.

Action items

  • Mark Kramer -please provide links and documents that are additional information to this project

  • Mark Kramer - please update the CIC confluence page for the mCODE project
  • Lindsey Hoggle to schedule a monthly touch point meeting for this project's facilitators to report back to CIC Admin.
  • Lindsey Hoggle to add a dedicated CIC Quarter to mCODE
  • Russell Leftwich schedule a room for 30 attendees for CIC Quarter dedicated to mCode
  • Lindsey Hoggle schedule a time to vote on proposed PSS from CIMI for Thursday of May 16, 2019 at 4:30pm EST
  • Richard R. Esmond provide draft PSS (Vanguard, Skin and Wound Assessment and Pain Assessment) to CIC