Chair: Laura Heermann-Langford      Scribe: Lindsey Hoggle

Bruce Bray
Matt Elrod
Charles Gabrial
Mary Ann Garza
Carrie Hammond
Laura Heerman-Langford
Mark Janczewski
Sean Mahoney 
Phung Matthews
Jim McClay
Viet Nguyen
May Terry
Isaac Vetter

Viet Nguyen presented an overview and update on the HRex Project, a CIC Sponsored project.  HRex is the foundational part of the Da Vinci Project.  HRex has a balloting dashboard which shows what the present status is for each project.  Phung Matthews and Vanessa Candelorra have created many of the dashboards in Jira and can help for anyone interested.  They have a dashboard for each use case.   HRex has a Community Roundtable on the fourth Wednesday of each month.  Their focus this year is on Implementers, Burden Reduction Calls, and hosting additional educational events.  Carrie Hammond with Aegis has been creating test scripts for Da Vinci and encourages use of Touchstone.  She can be reached at 

Da Vinci

Da Vinci Implementation Guide Dashboard