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Ruby Nash

Project Proposal Discussion: CIC to consider becoming co-sponsor of:          

FHIR IG: PSS-1688 - HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: Cancer Electronic Pathology Reporting CONSENSUS-REVIE

Ruby Nash presented the above PSS (PSS - 1688). The CIC had indicated on the Project Proposal that we would be interested in co-sponsoring as OO WG was the designated Sponsor.   Wendy Bloomenthal reported that the focus is on ways to get data to Cancer registries. The College of American Pathologies supports the need to capture discrete data rather than the form it is often received in which is a PDF. The intent is to get the data into the EHR; LIS is using discrete data. A discussion on the use of "cKeys" clarified the intent of the project. The actual templates are the same across laboratories and would allow for coded terms to be used in both the LIS and the EHR.   At present, the EHR data is not preserving it as structured, coded data.  

The CIC discussed the role of sponsor vs. co-sponsor and discussed the appropriateness of the CIC sponsoring this project.  Russ suggested that it would be helpful to have more than one sponsor and he will address.. A motion was made to co-sponsor the above mentioned Pathology PSS: 12-0-1. 

CODEX Discussion Steven R. Bratt, Ph.D.MITRE Health Innovation CenterProgram Manager, CodeX HL7 FHIR Accelerator 

Dr. Bratt presented an overview of CodeX and it's relationship to the mCODE standard, which is sponsored by CIC.  The focus of CodeX is to have all data captured for all cancer for patients in clinical trials.

Background here:

FHIR IG Registry Framework Questions Keith W. Boone

Keith Boone stated that he is working on a LEAP grant that is focused on the registry ecosystem.  He looked at the Women's Health CRN and wondered what additional work CIC has that is relevant.  The award was announced in October 2020 to address the registry infrastructure.  Keith was referred to the Common Clinical Registry Framework (CCRF) and work with Dr. Jimmy Tcheng, who is managing this project.  The next CIC call is on February 11 where it could be discussed.  In addition, Keith will reach out to Dr. Tcheng in the meantime.