Quarter: Q1  Chair: Laura Heermann-Langford Scribe: Lindsey Hoggle

Bruce Bray
Joe Bormel
Laura Heerman-Langford
Matt Elrod
Charles Gabrial
Lindsey Hoggle
Lenel James
Mark Kramer
Russ Leftwich
Jim McClay 
Ruby Nash
Nancy Orvis
Angelo Pardo
Shelly Spiro
Marla Throckman

Organizing Meeting

  • Welcome and introductions 

Laura welcomed the group to Q1 for CIC.  The agenda was reviewed for any edits or additions.  

  • Introduce new CIC Co-chairs

There are two new co-chairs for CIC: Jim McClay and Jimmy Tcheng. 

  • Agenda review and plans for the week: The Cancer Interoperability discussion was moved to first on the agenda with other discussions following to better suit several schedules.

Cancer Interoperability Overview (with CIMI), Breast Cancer, mCODE)

Dr Mark Kramer provided an overview and update of mCODE for the group. The "m" in mCODE stands for "minimal" which indicates that great care has been used to appropriately select data elements without being extensive to manage.  mCODE is presently working on STU2 with the intent to ballot again in May 2021.  There is testing underway using Inferno. The use of the Radiation Procedure was questioned from the Pharmacy perspective.   Medication Statement is replaced by Medication Request. mCODE now combines CancerRelated Medication Report and CancerRelated Medication Administration. The point was made that there is great variation in what medicines have been prescribed with what medications patients are actually taking.  Mark Kramer commented that comments should be made to US Core Medication use.  Not enough experience was available to include Medication Administration.   CancerRelated Radiation Procedure is on track for the May 2021 ballot.

CodeX 2021 Calendar

CIC discussed the Project Proposal process and how to allow CIC as a group review the Proposals. Project Proposals are required prior to a PSS being created. At present Lindsey is reviewing all of the Proposals as they are released.  We are allowed 2 weeks to review and comment.  Concern was stated that it is difficult to assume that CIC might want to sponsor a project, given the very limited band-width of the CIC co-chairs. In addition, CIC does not have a core community that will take on the responsibility for CIC.

CIC made the following decisions on how to manage this process: 

  • The Co chairs will review the Project Proposals when released and if it seems that CIC might want to sponsor, then a quick meeting of the co-chairs should be called for discussion. 
  • For sponsored projects, we can review on the next CIC call.  
  • Co-sponsoring a project was discussed.  CIC has co-sponsored projects in the past.  Ideally the co-sponsored project should have a liaison from CIC, which we do not have at this time. 
  • Therefore, CIC will consider sponsoring projects but not co-sponsoring them. 
  • HL7 process changes - Project documents will be in Jira in the future.  We will need to familiarize ourselves with these changes
  • CIC Publications: http://standups.hl7.org/category/cross-paradigm/Lindsey reported that after extensive work completing all of the requirements for publications over the past 2 years, we have three new DAMs that have been published:
  • HL7 DAM: Bipolar Disorder
  • HL7 DAM: Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • HL7 DAM: Common Clinical Registry Framework.   

There being no further business, the meeting closed.