Date: September 21, 2022

Quarter: Q4 (3:30-5:00)

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All things Cancer. Updates from ICHOM, MCODE, Breast Imaging.

Discussion items

30 minmCode

CodeX and mCode - Cancer registry IG

Sutin Chen is co-director of CodeX

There was a BoF last night

mCode IG - STU 2 published Jan 2022 in widespread use

Terminology changes: Radiotherapy changes to SNOMED requested.

Still in US Realm, no plans to move to Universal Realm.

Staging is a problem because of AJCC copyright. Proposing associating SNOMED codes with staging (TNM) observations. Designed now to allow SNOMED codes or AJCC codes.

ICHOM was able to pay $500 and put it in a value set in FHIR 5.88.1 TNM Primary Turmor Value Set. Does not have the actual language that goes with the code. (Up to Scott Campbell to adjudicate)


ICHOM - focused on international patient-centered outcomes measures - published 40 measure sets.

  • Patient reported & clinically reported with timing
  • Allows gathering, tracking and comparing quality of care for diseases
  • Breast Cancer is first one they started with.

Breast Cancer IG- furthest along in definitions.

  • ICHOM on FHIR Breast Cancer IG
  • Clinical variables, treatment variables, outcomes variables
  • Outcomes
    • Disutility (adverse outcomes)
    • Degree of Health (social and personal)
    • Survival

Discuss ensued about whether there should be a core IG all the outcomes set could be based upon so we don't publish 40 IGs. The issue had been addressed in the past and decided this pilot was appropriate.

Mapping to FHIR questionnaire resource. Their focus is how to represent the specific measures. Focused on content and data definitions.

What and when to collect - full terminology list mapped to SNOMED and LOINC. (about 60%)

Use Cases - domain of knowledge IG that can be used for benchmarking, research and outcomes of practice. Process improvement

Timeline - Connectathon in May and September 2022. Ballot submission for Jan 2023 cycle.

Outcomes from Connectathon in process of resolution.

QI Core alignment - in process.

Maria Michaels : questions about interest from WHO. Also, CDS workgroup chair.

Action items