Date: 2022_09_22

Quarter: Q3 - 1:45-3:00

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SCRIBE: James McClay 

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Framework of Frameworks:  All things Registries


Discussion items

45 minCREDS Project

Project with ACC, CRISP as an ONC LEAP Grant

Operating as the FHIR Interop experts.

Update existing registry work for an IG - Women's Health Registry

Submission to ACC registries -

Chief challenge - accessing distributed patient data for inclusion in registry.

Could get data through CareEquality-CommonWell or from Epic API.

CREDS profile says: every registry has a data model, FHIR Structure Definition can be used to describe the data model of a registry.

Can map to a different data model in CREDS - with map to FHIR USCDI, CDA templates, V2

Implementer can get data in C-CDA format - therefore input can come from multiple formats and multiple sources (FHIR, V2, CDA). Then go through and find elements matching data with FHIRpath 

David Pyke points out that data isn't really accessible - lots of question/answer - yes, no.

Are they on a new medication? requires review of all medication records and interpretation.

ACC has a problem. They cannot ingest FHIR (except the patient resource). There data model is built around human judgements. 5% of questions cannot be queried.

CPT being closed is a challenge.

  • Propose thinking differently - what data do we need to collect to populate the registry in order to make inferences?
  • Materials are in the IG referenced above.
  • Milestones: Connectathon in January 2023, (test extraction and bundling)
  • James Tcheng will present information to ACC next month. IG nearing completion.

ONC (Grantee) requires results go through Ballot

45 MinMedMorphMaria Michaels 

MedMorph Reference Architecture IG - Sponsored by CDC PHIO

See Presentation: Improve availability of EHR data for research and Public Health

HL7 Public Health Update Sept 2022 WG meeting final.pptx 

MedMorph Architectural and information flow Diagram - Published in JAMIA 2021

Wrapping up (technically in production is eCR (electronic Case Reporting) - First EHR Vendor is Cerner

(Check out eCR FHIR App)

Current MedMorph Content IG Ballots


Action items