Date: May 9, 2022

Quarter: Q3

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Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

Discussion items

Business meeting

Reviewed the agenda for the week and have noted when folks will be available to attend.  No changes needed to the current agenda.

Project Proposal: Physical Activity project ( PSS-2069 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Motion made for CIC to be a cosponsor of the project - made by Bruce Bray 2nd by Kurt Allen, abstain = 0, oppose = 0, approved 7.  

Project proposal: PSS-1901 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Reviewed this project again and updated the comments on the proposal page.

Action items

  • Date: May 11, 2022

    Quarter: Q2

    This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."


    Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

    Discussion items

    Ballot Reconciliation items:

    1. EMS Patient Care Report Ballot comments
    Jay Lyle

    T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

    Discussion re: CDA - 20418 and CDA - 20417 - would like to include the item now

    motion made (Jay Lyle) & 2nd (Lori Forquet) to include 17 and 18 in the release provided MnM determines the work not substantive.

    If including optional templates (already published) can be considered non-substantive we will include identified templates.  If not, we will provide general ("open" templates") and specific (template IDs) guidance in text.  Abstain = 0, Oppose = 0, approve 6. 

    Motion made (Jay) and 2nded (Laura) to adopt the resolutions as proposed in Jira for the other items.  Abstain = 0, Oppose = 0, Approve = 3. 

    1. Withdrawal of Tuberculosis R1
    2. Withdrawal Cardiology R2
    3. Withdrawal EMS R1
    4. Withdrawal Major Depressive Disorder R1
    Laura Heermann
    Motion made (Jay)and 2nded (Laura) to accept the ballot results for the withdrawal of these published items.  Abstain = 0 , Oppose = 0, Approve =3

    Action items

  • Date: May 10, 2022

    Quarter: Q3

    Discussion items


    Vanguard" project on hold re: resources.  Goal for data element review over the summer.  Still determining meeting schedule.  Targeting Thursdays at 4 or 5 Pm ET.  Determine co-chair availability. Need to look at the current timelines for the project and adjust as needed.  Marti will send an email Russ and Laura to facilitate. 

    mCODE registry interests - MedMorph leading the CDC Ca reporting topic. CodeX Cancer Registry Reporting:  Cancer Registry Reporting .  Central Cancer Registry Reporting Content IG  

    Initial work towards Cardiology use cases in flight - CodeX Cardiovascular Domain Cardiovascular  ; CardX - Hypertension Management - calls are not yet scheduled, but are meeting individually.  Will meet with individuals if asked, will schedule project calls in the future. 

    CODEX - collect data once and send to different registries -  doing pilots with CIMBTR (Center for .. blood and marrow transplant..)... in the early testing phases. 

    CRN - coordinated registry network.. 


    o    MedMorph Reference Architecture IG: 
    o    Health Care Surveys Content IG: 
    o    Central Cancer Registry Reporting IG: 
    o    MedMorph Research Data Exchange IG:

    • Working to complete ballot reconciliation - from both last year and this past January ballots.  plan to publish in the next 2-3 months for all. 
    • Working on the hepatitis B use case now as well.  Public Health reporting and Research are both using the bulk FHIR API. 
      • Piloting in the real world: Hepatitis C use case (using Electronic Case Reporting (eCR) IG for content: for public health reporting & MedMorph Research Data Exchange for research)
    • Working on a roadmap to describe in more detail how the architecture could expand to other data sources.
    • participating in the eMCC work at NIDDK
    • Have agreed with CREDS to include language that clarifies when you would use which one and how you would use them together.  MedMorph is focused on FHIR, CREDS focused on using data not necessarily in FHIR (non-FHIR)  if transformed into FHIR then use the MedMorph architecture. 

    CDC has been working with CAP and Lantana at O&O developing and IG for FHIR Cancer Pathology sharing - more on the cancer work next quarter. This team has connections with MedMorph on the registry aspects. 

    Action items

    Date: May 10, 2022

    Quarter: Q4

    Discussion items


    Updates from teams

    Ruby Nash:  update on Cancer Pathology work.  6 profiles have been created.  Viewable on the Cancer Pathology FHIR IG page.  Getting aligned with MedMorph.  Connectathon report out - ; 

    Upcoming work will be on the parser, and the two bundles that were used in the connectathon will need more work and retested at the Sept connectathon.  The IG will be published in the fall - aligned with MedMorph.  Will continue to be inline with the MedMorph work. 

    Chris Melo - ICHOM: breast cancer IG. Since January have gotten the PSS approved. work on IG commenced.  meets every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month 10 AM ET on the CIC Listserv.  Targeting to participate in the Sept connectathon and hope to have all the modeling done before then. 

    Kurt Allen: Breast Imaging:  completed STU1 balloting and published, could be used, but work continues.  Hope to ballot in Sept 2022.  Name changed from Breast Radiology to Breast Imaging.  Working on standardizing the terminology.  All local codes are used in version one, now want to standardize that.  Working with ACR to create codes to replace the local codes.  have mapped all to draft ACR codes.. getting feedback from radiologists on that mapping.  Hoping to have all complete by Sept. ballot. will have some tools in place b y Sept.  Plan to work on things with ICHOM.  working to get this recognized at HL7 like LOINC and SnoMed..

    Notes from Kurt re: Breast Radiology Report:

          • The Breast Radiology IG has completed STU 1 balloting.
          • Continuing work for a planned September ballot.
          • Renamed to Breast Imaging IG because of non-radiological modalities that we are planning on adding in future ballots.
          • Working with ICHOM to share common value sets.
          • The current goal is to standardize and formalize the terminology used in the Breast IG. STU 1 is predominately using local codes only.
          • We are working with the ACR (American Clinic of Radiology) to create RadElement terminology codes to replace the local codes defined in the STU 1 IG.
          • Brian Bialecki of the ACR is driving the ACR’s involvement.
          • Brian has already created a set of draft RadElements that cover most of the terminology items in the Breast IG.
          • He is forming a team of Radiologists who will vet these terminology items for correctness, and we will modify the terminology at needed.
          • This team will also provide another set of eyes on the structural elements of the IG and will provide feedback on that as well.
          • Out goal is still to have this task completed and ready for balloting at the September Working Group Meeting.

    Notes from Brian Bialacki

    RadElements is a collaboration between RSNA and ACR creating Common Data Elements for Radiology. There is a documented API.

    Common data elements (CDEs) define the attributes and allowable values of a unit of information, so that information can be collected and stored uniformly across institutions and studies.

    CDEs are defined in a data dictionary, which specifies attributes such as:

          • the item's name,
          • the way the item is collected,
          • valid values and coding, and
          • data type (e.g., number or text)

    CDEs make biomedical data interoperable for a variety of applications, including:

          • clinical radiology reports,
          • computer-assisted reporting systems,
          • structured image annotations,
          • case report forms for clinical research, and
          • radiology case collections ("teaching files")

    More information can be obtained here:

    Mark Kramer: mCode - not planning on another ballot at this time unless it becomes neccessary.  Things seem stable at the moment.  Doing case studies with Codex accelerator.  Codex is where all the action is right now - lots of members, users, acceptance.  working on some derived IGs, - radio-therapy (treatment directed).  Birds of a Feather tomorrow afternoon will deep dive in to the case studies.  launching Cardex (cardilogy domain), and in the domain of genomes - G-Nex.  therapeutic approaches for these.  There is some international interest in mCode - still evaluating the amount of support. they are looking at how to inform others how stable their IG items are... so looking at how to apply maturity numbers using the FHIR maturity model to their profiles.  Currently it is being applied more by domians or groupings more then individual items.  Regarding September Connectathon - heard the request to consider working with ICHOM on a connectathon in Sept. 

    Review of ICHOM plans to review and harmonize data elements with mCode, US Core, IPS etc.  
    Overview of spreadsheeet approach to data element review looking for similarities and differences. 

    Action items