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Chair: Lindsey Hoggle

Scribe: Russell Leftwich

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Agenda Topics

Agenda Item

 Discussion and Responsibilities

Minutes and Decisions 
 Minutes Approval (3 minutes)

Request to approve by consensus. 

2020-12-10 CIC Conference Call

Today's Update:


Administrative: Review of Agenda/Key HL7 Deadlines/Business Tasks

January WGM January 25-29, 2021 

FHIR Connectathon January 13-15, 2021

All HL7 Calendars (Confluence) 

(10 minutes)

Provides references & answers for all things HL7

Today's Update:  

Motion to add co-chair position to CIC McClay/Kramer

approved 3-0-0

Motion to elect Russ Leftwich interim co-chair   McClay/Kramer approved 3-0-0

Past Update:

Project Proposals - For Review
  • Discuss active Project Proposals.

HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide:  Cancer Electronic Pathology Reporting (due: 01/18/2021)

Today's Update:  

JM: CAP guidance/checksheet for cancer diagnosis long exists as paper representation.  In EHR but not easily accessible.  FHIR IG would convert to FHIR representation. 

Motion: Discuss with project facilitators offering CIC as sponsoring WG.  Leftwich/Kramer  approved 4-0-0

Project Report-outs 

(10 minutes)

mCODE (May Terry)  Mark Kramer

Target Dates:    

Normative ballot: Jan 2022   

Publication Request: Feb 2022   

Receive ANSI approval/Project end: April 2022

Todays Update:

Jira Query: project="FHIR" AND Specification = "US Minimal Common Oncology Data Elements (mCODE) (FHIR) [FHIR-us-mcode]"  and "Raised in Version" = 1.0.0 and Grouping = Block-Vote-2

Discussion of comments in block vote.  Questions about proposal to use MedicationRequest to represent medications in place of MedicationStatement and MedicationAdmistration.  Necessary change to align with US Core and noted to be questionable from clinical standpoint.

Motion to approve all items in block vote McClay/Kramer  4-0-0

  • Invite CODEX to Jan CIC Meeting?
(10 minutes)

VANGUARD (Stan Huff Richard R. Esmond Julia Skapik Kevin M. Baskin Marti Velezis)

Target Dates:

Informative: N/A
STU: Jan 2021
Normative: Sept 2022

Today's Update:

Past Update: 

Kevin - planning terminology development based upon the projects involved in.  They are working on a Roadmap for the vocabulary work to give group a better sense of work underway.  Question: Logica - discussions on a need for a repository so domains could keep their data to prevent overlap.  Logica is interested in Logica domains and FHIR Profiles; other discussions on where to have FHIR Profiles repository.

Work underway on anatomic nomenclature will intersect many areas; would like to collaborate on this. 

Question on Sandboxes: they are doing retrospective queries on codes. Would like a place to test queries and moving forward testing.  

Through MDEpiNet, planning a Think Tank Sessions, two of them which will likely begin in February 2021: coordinated needs of the community for interoperability and practical resources which can be used across the community; would like to include CIC.  CIC Contact: Kevin M. Baskin

(10 minutes)

Complete STU1 Reconciliation /Request Publication:  Jan 2020 WGM

Submit for STU2 Ballot: Sep 2020

Complete STU2 Reconciliation/Request Publication:  Jan 2021 WGM

Today's Update:

Past Update: 

no one available for report

(10 minutes)

CCRF (Anita Walden @Jimmy Tcheng)

Today's Update:

Past Update: 

 Lindsey and Laura are working with Anita/AbdulMalik to complete the ballot reconciliation for publication.

(10 minutes)

Pain Assessment Project (Susan Matney)

Skin and Wound Project (Susan Matney)

Today's Update:

Past Update:

no one available to report today. 

Nursing Knowledge Big Data Initiative; FHIR R4 IG complete.

Podiatry Work Plan to achieve January ballot 2021; is not full ballot. 

Pain Assessment:  Susan has many vendors to standardize it to use it.  Cannot go to ballot until there is a Connectathon.  FHIR Profiles are to be completed by October 30, 2020. 

CIC needs clarifications on Pain Assessment Work. 

Unclear on Connectathon. Excellent Pain Assessment.  They have 8-10 Patient Scales that are in LOINC.  Need to determine if FHIR work is only the area that Pain Assessment can be published. Podiatry wants to implement it in their systems, which does not involve FHIR.

New Business

Timothy Bennett and Pele Yu presented discussion of EHR WG sponsored Pediatric EHR Functional Profile.

21st Century Cures Subtitle G, sec 10006, iii - voluntary certification of HIT for Pediatric Care.

Pediatric Care HIT FP Project Confluence page

Meet Tuesday Q2 at WGM.

Today's Update:

Past Update:

Question whether CIC would like to co-sponsor.

Q&A: Discussion of specific Peds IT requirements

Motion to support: James McClay, Second @James Tcheng

Vote approval: 6-0-1

CIC will designate participant.

Next Meetings

Thursday, January 28, 2021 2-3 PM EST (During WGM)

January WGM Agenda

Adjournment  Adjourned at   

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