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Today's Fourth Thursday Call 

Standing CIC and Project Calls

Topic: CIC Fourth Thursday Call

Time: March 25, 2021 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

To join the call, visit the Conference Calling Center or reference CIC e-mails

To sign up for calls, visit the Conference Calling Center

Regular CIC Calls:

     Second Thursday: Cancer Interoperability – All things Cancer (plus Pain)

     Fourth Thursdays: All things Registries & HRex, VANGUARD

CA Interoperability:

     Every Wednesday: 2:00-3:00 p.m. EST

HRex: In STU phase; no present calls.

mCODE: (Cancer Interoperability Calls - Wednesday 2-3 PM EST)

Agenda Topics

Agenda Item

 Discussion and Responsibilities

Minutes and Decisions 
 Minutes Approval (3 minutes)

Request to approve by consensus. 

Today's Update: 

2021-03-11 CIC Conference Call


Administrative: Review of Agenda/Key HL7 Deadlines/Business Tasks

  • May 24-28, 2021 WGM
  • May 2021 FHIR Connectathon

All HL7 Calendars (Confluence) 

New "HL7 Essentials" Confluence Page

(5 minutes)

Reminder New CIC Meeting Structure 

  • Second Thursday: Cancer Interoperability – All things Cancer (plus Pain).
  • Fourth Thursday: All things Registries & HRex, VANGUARD

Sign up for May Ballot: 

Today's Update:  

Past Update

Will target these dates for the topics, but will be flexible as needed for project deadlines.

Project Proposals & Retiring Standards (8 minutes)

Discuss active Project Proposals and Project Scope Statements (PSS)

PSS-1788 - Getting issue details... STATUS Develop an implementation guide(s) for exchange of data regarding a patient’s communication, cognitive communication, hearing, and swallowing function to improve transitions of care across healthcare settings

PSS-1783 - Getting issue details... STATUS SMART Health Cards: Vaccination & Testing Implementation Guide 

Today's Update:

block vote: motion made to be interested parties on both of these (1788 & 1783) - Keith/Mark abstain: 0, oppose: 0, approval: 6. 

Past Update:

CIC agreed to co-sponsor PSS-1725 . Russell Leftwich reminded us to set our level of involvement when the PSS is distributed.

EMS Patient Care Report - expiration date imminent. Placing reaffirmation on May Ballot. This is a lesson for us to monitor and reaffirm ANSI specification

Creation of Project Proposal

Today's Update: CIC as Sponsor needs to create a Project Proposal. 

Motion made to accept the proposal and submit for QC review: Marti Velezis/2nd Keith Boone. abstian = 0, oppose = 0, approve = 9

Past Update:

Lindsey Hoggle informed us there is a link this on the sponsored projects area of the CIC Confluence site. We reviewed and discussed the new project proposal form on the Projects Proposal Space on Confluence. Completed forms are provided for comment for 2 weeks. This then becomes PSS which is circulated for voting.

Noted project proposal form does not contain facilitators.

Keith W. Boone will coordinate drafting the PSS with Jimmy Tcheng. The links on left are funding the effort. The project will be general and not disease specific. Avoid an IG focused on a specific disease registry. Develop a standard for creating a registry specification.

DSTU due in 1.5 years.

mCODE Ballot VotemCODE STU2 Ballot Approval

Today's Update:

Work of the last 8 months is ready to go to ballot for May.  Motion made to advance this IG through the process as the ballot calendar needs it. Will look at it again at our April 8th meeting for any further approvals needed.  Marti/Mark  abstain=0, oppose = 0, approve = 8.

will put on the calendar for April 8 for final thumbs up towards ballot. 

HRex Update and Block Vote

HRex Update 

HRex Block Vote 5.csv                   HRex Block Vote 5.doc

The attached items are submitted for a block votes for the HRex IG.  You may withdraw any item from the block vote by responding to this email with the specific Key (Jira ticket number) for the item you wish to withdraw or do so on the CIC WG call prior to the vote.

Note:  word document is easier to review than the Excel spreadsheet.

The following is the Jira search string

project = "FHIR Specification Feedback" AND Specification = "US Da Vinci HRex (FHIR) [FHIR-us-davinci-hrex]" AND Grouping = block-vote-5 ORDER BY reporter ASC

Today's Update:

Motion to approve the block vote 5: Marti/Jimmy. abstain = 1, oppose = 0, approve = 6.

Fourth Thursday: All things Registries, HRex and VANGUARD - Updates

Todays Update:

Vanguard update by Marti - getting close to having content for review, targeting feedback from this group (listserv and later a meeting perhaps in May).  Targeting September for ballot. 

Breast Imaging Ballot by KT: FINALLY got the Jira issues fixed with HL7 HQ!!!  90% done on reconciling and reviewing the comments from the ballot.  Work group calls are every 4 weeks starting April 14th - Wednesday at 0900 CT.  Targeting re-ballot in Jan 2022. 

Next Meetings
  • Thursday, April 8, 2021 (second Thursdays): Cancer Interoperability – All things Cancer (plus Pain)
  • Thursday, April 22, 2021 (fourth Thursdays): All things Registries & HRex, VANGUARD

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