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Mon Q2

Mon Q3Saal 2, HeumarktMega Joint with EHR -EHRLaura
Mon Q4

Mon Q5Co-Chair Dinner

Ed Hammond, representing CIC
Tues Q1 

Tues Q2 Salon 15, BonnJoint with EHR . Usability topic canceled for May. Will be back in Sept.EHR

Tues Q3 Saal 1, MaritimMEETING- Trauma

Tues Q4 

Wed Q1 Salln 10, Mosel

MEETING: CIC Business Meeting

Wed Q2 Saal 2, Heumarkt

Hosting CIMI



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Wed Q3 Salon 24MEETING: CCRF
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Thurs Q4 Saal 14, KolnJoint with LHS/PC


Monday Q3

Slides presented from CIC

Tuesday Q2

Topic cancelled for May 2018 meetings. Lack of attendance on this topic.  

Tuesday Q3

Quarter cancelled - scheduling mistake

Wednesday Q1

Attendees:  Laura Heermann, Russ Leftwich, Anita Walden, Mark Kramer, Steve Hufnagel.  

  • THEMES project is completed - but Anita and AMS are looking at moving it to FHIR. Need a room for Fall mtg
  • Generalized Anxiety disorder - ready for publication.  Need to find the meeting minutes for vote to publish.  Need to follow up with Amy
  • Bipolar is ready for publication - need an update from Amy on the progress.  Are there hold ups? 
  • eSource for Regulated Clinical Trials - looking for funding.  They have funding for phase 1, but in discussion for phase 2 and 3.  Amy is working on a grant for this in the May timeline.  Looking for a pilot project to demonstrate the work early.  Vision to test with Cerner and Epic - they are on board, but implementation sites unknown.  
  • Motion made for CIC to co-sponsor the EHRS-FM to CIMI FHIM Mapping project for CIC to be a co-sponsor pending the group finding another primary sponsor (EHR or CIMI).  4-0-0.  
  • Nothing to report re: Care Team DAM
  • Breast Cancer
    • Ballot just completed
    • Richard looking at pulling in Imaging- my need a new PSS for this one
    • 34 comments from about 8 individuals.  
    • approximately.  3 to 1 positive
    • (look for the tally on the votes for notes here)
    • Will look at some issues with the CIMI team next quarter.  
    • Plan reconciling the ballot on the Wednesday calls. 
    • will investigate step through calls of the content prior to the next ballot.  
  • CCRF - will be meeting for 2 quarters this afternoon.  
  • Need to address planning for fall, updating D&M (M&C?) voting etc for the next interim period before the next WGM,  
  • Keep this meeting at this quarter for next WGM,  

Wednesday Q2

Attendees:  Laura Heermann, Mark Kramer, Claude Nanjo, Galen Mulrooney, Jay Lyle, Susan Matney, Steve Hufnagel, Anita Walden, Jep Berkel, M Asim, Stan Huff, Richard Esmond 

  • DAMS
    • This conversation will be continued in the work discussed for the cancer project below – process, tools and artificat definition. 
  • Registries on FHIR
    • Update from PCPI – ran into separate groups.  Susan’s group They went through all the ONC CDEs and identified which ones they felt were petinient for registries. Additional areas like smoking status they would like along with alchohol use.  Duke as a grant to do an analysis of all the registries and will be comparing the data elements in all of gtheir registrie libraries against the CDEs.  Once they know the data elements CIMI will start modeling those. 
    • Anita’s group – discussed how CIMI was the data harmonizer – borught up the issue that work others had been funding was being shared with others.  Also identified the FHIR profling and how they will determine which profiles should be used.  Also the implementation process – and which version of FHIR to use – with the transition,  TEstug abd validation process was discussed.  The governance for decision making. Many not involved with Registries on FHIR and hwo they will acutally get involved.  Where should they join and get involved with this work. – how will we measure success, how will data quality be deteremined.  The technical and clinical and tooling and standard resouces are needed for each of these, 
    • Question – what is registries on FHIR – funded by Pew, to Duke and PCPI -common items across all registries and turn those common data elements – they will have CIMI create the CIMI models and Susan’s understanding
  • Vanguard PSS . Vanguard PSS
      • Susan has has lots of discussion with Kevin Baskin. It is part of the MD EPiNET – it is about PIVs and Central lines and all that is to do with the device.  Not sure who would be working on the project to do it.  There are many SME’s set up.  They need someone who knows modeling and how to move it through organizationally.  The data is defined really well –
      • CIMI needs to vote and decide on sponsorship –
      • CIC needs to vote on the co-sponsorship.
      • They need a clinical informaticist.  The FHIM could possibly work on it.
    • RDAM - reference DAM - took to TSC last year and various work group and there was a lot of concern about what exactly is being done and the impact on HL7.  They have narrowed it down this week to technically they are harmonizing the EHR TM with the CIMI -FHIM information model.  Current task - the rest of the process of how you go through HL7 is a different PSS that is being run by the TSC.  Harmonize between the product lines and product families. 
    • At CIC this am - CIC would prefer to be a co-sponsor instead of a sponsor.  Implying CIMI or EHR should be a the sponsor.  Current ask is if CIMI will be the sponsor.  
    • Questions asked about the PSS and the role of CIMI with it.
      • Aligning the FHIM to the CIMI model – should this be the focus?
      • The functional stuff is EHRs vision of how this could be helpful and working the model into the FHIM/CIMI
      • CIMI not as familiar with the HER FM – what is there now?  They do not do modeling, but they say the systems should/shall/may provide these data elements.  What they would prefer is for the HER FM to link to the FHIM. 
      • Motion made for CIMI to be a sponsor for the work.  Made by Stephen.  Richard 2nded.  – Will take this motion to CIMI  2nd quarter tomorrow. 
  • Breast Cancer next steps 
    • Would like to add the radiology as a separate IG - so could have the same PSS but will have separate IG's (one for staging and one for imaging).  This would require 2 NIBs.  
    • there is also much discussion on how to get the clinical review of the clinical content by clinicians - which is a CIIC discussion.  
      • Question if this is a discussion that needs to go up to the FHIR Management group - to discuss clinical feedback - ask them for advice on the clinicians feedback on Implementation Guides. 
      • need to understand the process/methods/tools/libraries/credibility etc . 
        • there has been some work done by Richard and Mark K that forms is the way to - that is the feedback from Pathologists.  
        • Anita has used Redcap to present data in forms for feedback. 
      • Collect the data spreadsheet
      • put the data into the "tool" (Richards tool)
      • users can see the data as a form in Richards tool
      • Then socialize the content via the tool instead of a form. 
      • (tool is supposed to allow the clinicians, and modelers to have their own view)
      • currently no logic associated with the values - need to show the tool to Anita an Laura - Currently allows the users to blog against each
      • Need to also have the piece of the CIMI models that will be displayed tot eh clinicians - what we are asking them for feedback, what we do with that feedback, and what the modelers are going to need.  
      • Goal = get the end to end process defined and outlined - with the tools and the messages to the clinicians ready for the CIIC F2F meeting in July/Aug
      • Set up call for this par
      • Ballot comments for the latest ballot will be managed on upcoming wednesday calls
    • Next steps for the Radiology part of this project
      • need to have the calls set up for the radiology part. 
    • Laura to set up the room request, to hold this meeting again next WGM and invite CIMI 

Wednesday Q3

  • Attendees:  Anita Walden, AbdulMalik Shamir, Melle Sieswerda, Hans Buurman, Thom Kuhn, Michael vanderZel, Rob Mulders, Oyvind Aassue, Emma Jones, Laura Heermann, Angela Crovetti.  
  • Visit from the Cancer Registry project in the Netherlands.  Overview of the work they have done.  Questions clarified.  

Wednesday Q4