Date: 05.10.23

Quarter: Q3

Chair: Russ Leftwich

Scribe: Michelle Currie


T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

  1. CREDS DSTU Ballot comments review, not prepared to vote today
    1. protocol for registries to spec data require enabling providers to automate extraction from FHIR and report info to the registry in FHIR BUndle or mesomorph
      1. 32 issues opened
      2. 41131 (Brian Pesh)- both of the requests are responsible for the registry to include in the implementation of the artifact or profile: non-persuasive
        1. presume content producer sending data to the registry
        2. how does reg document the info it wants to receive (out of scope)
      3. FHIR 40854- editorial /tech correction
      4. FHIR 40866 - missing sections in content, a technical correction
      5. FHIR 40856- missing capabilities statement for two actors
      6. FHIR 40855 update info box to FHIR data"
      7. FHIR 40857 unintentional indentation/technical correction
      8. FHIR 40850 search and read missing transactions section
      9. FHIR 40865 replace Measure with Structure Definition
      10. FHIR 40869 complete sentence
      11. FHIR 40859 extraneous text corrected in the current draft
      12. FHIR  40851 change labels in USe case diagram to match actor names in IG
      13. FHIR 40858 transaction names be used consistently, simple IDs need a description
      14. FHIR 40853 swap order of use cases in section 4
      15. FHIR 40868 address consistency with transaction names
      16. FHIR 40867 create update transaction read section
      17. FHIR 40852 missing referenced figure in 4.4.1
      18. FHIR 40849 repeating labels given different purposes
      19. FHIR 41046 official URL should be anchored in terminologyHL7 org, not - can't publish to official URL in draft form
      20. FHIR41048 question around Y/N values related to existing VS for Y/N, can add for consideration, not prescribing a value for Y/N
      21. FHIR41142-41144 - numerous discussions related to the use of MedMorph, submitting data to PH agencies, and removing content r/t MM with Bulk FHIR extract, will need to come back to have a deeper discussion
      22. FHIR40951 related to IG the publishing tool behavior cardinality of "?" valid?
      23.  FHIR40870-40875
  2. Trauma Registry
    1. needs to be in the next ballot cycle before the time expires
    2. no presenter today
  3. Change All Things Registry meeting time to 2nd Thursday at 1:00 EST 

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