Co-Chair:  Russell Leftwich  

Scribe: Umanga de Silva 

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Russell LeftwichIntersystems/CIC Co-chair
xGreg RobinsonICHOM
Vadim Peretokin

Chris Melo


Karen Thullner Penrad 

Kurt Allen
xLaura HeermannIntermountain/CIC Co-chair
xMarieke Span Furore 
xUmanga de SilvaICHOM

Peter Muir CQI 

Steve NicholsGE Healthcare 

Natalia FarishACR

Doina PopescuVolpara

Alexander DayEpic

Pepijn WortelboerPhilips

Meetings are currently held the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 10am ET.

Agenda and Notes: 

Meeting Minutes:

Tickets discussed:

  • FHIR-40321: VP commented on the ticket to clarify that you only need the two questionnaires and one combination. (i.e. only 3 instead of 5 questionnaire definitions need to be maintained).
  • FHIR-40322: we are only modelling what the ICHOM set requires. The source ICHOM set for date questions requires either the date or an answer specifying that the date is not known, which is why the questions were modelled this way.
  • FHIR-39920: ticket says that some variable names are confusing. Specifically, it requests that the Secondary Breast Cancer Condition (NEWBC) variable be renamed Second Breast Cancer Condition (SECONDBC) so it is in line with the preceding variable of Primary Breast Cancer Condition (FIRSTBC) so it is more intuitive. The ICHOM clinician agreed to the renaming. 
  • FHIR-39779: ticket says that the binding strength for race and ethnicity is too loose. They say that in our profile for patient administered data, we have defined an extension for ethnicity and race with the bindings of example, because in the source ICHOM Set the response options should be set based on local standards. We therefore also have a loose binding to allow users to pick a code on their own. However, the commenter says that the binding of preferred should be used since there is consensus to use HL7 value sets for race and ethnicity. This would not reflect the ICHOM measure set as the HL7 value sets are heavily focused on US realm and does not apply to all parts of the world as ICHOM intends. We will leave the current binding as is.
  • FHIR-39777 (negative ballot):  label and content for the Primary Tumour value set is not correct, but this was due to an IG publisher issue. MS has fixed this, and the ticket was already voted on previously (5-0-0).
  • FHIR-39975 (negative ballot): agreed to use sex for clinical use extension.
  • FHIR-40323: commenter  why demographic data included in both qx and resources and we answered.
  • FHIR-39907
  • FHIR-39915
  • FHIR-39972
  • FHIR-39973
  • FHIR-39974
  • VP motioned to accept these dispositions. GR seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0-0.

Link to FHIR IG Proposal 


Link to Original Proposal

PSS-1893 - ICHOM breast cancer patient-centered outcome measure set FHIR IG TSC REVIEW

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